Democracy has always been a satire on the common man’s intellectual thinking in India. We always blame the politicians for misuse of power given to them. Firstly,  we have been misusing rights and ignoring duties which our constitution entitled us. Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, a Czech representative of democracy once famously uttered a phrase “ Democracy has its faults, because people have their faults. Like teacher, like pupil“.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people— Abraham Lincoln’s definition of democracy. Government of the dominant caste/religion, government by the family, government for MPs and MLAs to earn huge properties —- Sabari Ganesh’s definition of present democracy in India.

If you misuse your right to vote by succumbing to flirting manifestos of political parties, then your sons and daughters will pay price for it. Yes, it may seem absurd, but was proved several times in history.Indian parliamentary democracy is 64 years old. Did sustainable development happen all these years ? Has every citizen utilised their right to vote effectively all these years? If they really did, why India is still lingering behind? If leaders with clean profile were elected, there should have been a flawless system. In spite of their known corrupt practices why such leaders are again elected to parliament and legislative assembly? 

My dear fellow citizens! Do not blame the system, blame yourself. You have laid the foundation to a corrupt system by electing ineffective candidates to the parliament like sending atheists into the temple.

You have to cook your SAMBAR in your house. You have to mix right ingredients in required proportions to have a delicious dish.Similarly you have to design your system. You have to mix right leaders with effective bureaucrats to taste a delicious democracy.If the system fails, it is your failure.

So, I hope the young voters will exercise their right to vote cautiously. All the best for our democracy.

All views expressed above are my own. I have no intention to criticize any political party or hurt personal feelings of anybody.

Feature image photo creditThe state of democracy in India by paragdgala, CC by 2.0

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