Tomorrow comes tomorrow

When my friend Tharun suggested me to write about procrastination which both of us usually are addicted to, I procrastinated it for a while citing silly reasons to myself.

If you are eager to know about Procrastination, then look into daily activities of graduate students in India. They are busy all the time. They know very well that assignments have to be submitted prior to deadlines. But most of them actually start working towards it as the deadline approaches (perhaps the day before deadline).

Right after they look into the examination results, they take strong resolutions on that night. Those resolutions go like this “ Past is past. OK leave it! From tomorrow I am going to follow a strict schedule. Whatever happens, I will follow it. My next target is to get 10 GPA(It was my resolution since long time)”.

But the next day starts with our friend saying “Hey, did you watch the latest trailer of movie starring  ********. Shall we play a game? Shall we go out? Shall we bunk tomorrow’s class to watch a movie? ……….” And the most embarrassing comment we hear when we open a book is “ WOW!! The topper is studying. He is going to be next Nobel Laureate. We should be proud of him”. Yes, exactly at this moment, most of us procrastinate. This is one of the hardest hurdles we need to jump over.

We need to get rid of this habit. Just before you procrastinate think about its consequences. It is better to do a job slowly with a perfection rather than doing it in hurry.

Do you have any goal? Then go for it NOW. Tomorrow comes tomorrow. All the Best!!

Feature Image Photo credit: #procrastinate tomorrow by chikit, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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    your loving sister

    anna superda


  2. That’s true


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