An Avenue in SASTRA University, Thanjavur.

Inspirational Spring

When I treaded along the streets in my university stepping on the dry leaves shed on the road, it reminded me the advent of the beautiful spring which most of us wait to cherish. Little is known to me about the varied seasons across the world. Time period of seasons vary from region to region. But when asked about the season which they are fond of, many say that they like spring.

Trees shed their leaves only to give new ones and different kinds of flowers blossom during this period. Summer, monsoon, autumn, winter follow later and the cycle is repeated. In similar way success and failure should be experienced. If there is winter then spring will follow it. If there is a failure then success follows it. So do not get worried about any failure in your life. Definitely there is good time. All these inspirational statements ( I don’t consider them inspirational any more) were given by my teacher in 4th standard.

Photo Credit: Happy Flower by Stanley Zimny, CC BY-NC 2.0
Photo Credit: Happy Flower by Stanley Zimny, CC BY-NC 2.0

Spring reminds me few sweet memories in my life. I wait to see blossoming of new leaves. But during childhood, onset of monsoon in my town makes me feel more happier because I like to get drenched in rain followed by scoldings from my mother.


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