Be RIGHT if you want to be GREAT


WOW! Idly sambar is delicious

I say this is shit!!!!! But you say it is wonderful and your friend says it is OK. We have different perceptions and judgements.

Osama Bin Laden was great, says Taliban. He was a terrorist, says America.

One man’s revolution is terrorism for others.

If a human kills other human, we call it a crime. If a tiger kills a deer, we comment on it in all possible ways.  Humans are dominant species on the earth. They have their own jurisdiction and command over  other species.

I pondered over this question for a long time. Who is great and why is he great? Is everybody great or is everybody an idiot? History says few people were great and few were cruel. I say Idly is good but my friend says roti is even better and my sister says noodles is the best.

To achieve greatness what should we do and practice our whole life? How are we going to utilize this life effectively given to us by the Almighty? Do people who achieved greatness followed the right path? History says so, but we were not present at that point of time. Who knows who did what???

What is RIGHT and what is WRONG?

Why should I choose only the right path? Why shouldn’t I go in the wrong way? When I speak like this my mother slaps me.

Do you ever thought about doing wrong? Firstly what do we mean about WRONG? Do crime, cheating, prostitution, smuggling, slavery, harassment come under Wrong. If they does, who said that? Did your parents or teachers say? Yes!!!!! Our parents, teachers,epics and society told us that these are Wrong.

We are not judging our deeds based on our perceptions, we are blindly following what they said.

We have to follow what they said to survive in this world. Just a matter for peaceful survival.

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