Analyse and Finalize

If you are going to break a friendly relationship, just think why I am taking such a step? In my view, relationships with people around us make feel comfortable and gets rid of loneliness which many of us experience quite often.

We are involved in many heated conversations at one point of time with our friends, classmates, neighbours, colleagues. Our argument may seem right to us and we would have won it. But, it strains your relationship which you had till then? We must feel regret for losing good relationship even if we have done nothing wrong.

Misunderstandings, wrong perceptions, prejudices, self respect(more appropriately ego) are main reasons for strained relationships. If you are on a verge of loosing a relationship don’t go for your ego, go for an introspection. Roll back to happy moments of your relationship. Analyse and finalize.

If you have any similarities between you, appreciate them and if you have any differences then respect them. understand ones feelings and proceed.

My best wishes to all for their happy social life.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Google Webmaster Relationship Loss of Trust by Search Engine People Blog, CC BY 2.0

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