Don’t we change?

This weekend I decided to visit Tirupathi, a piligrim city in southern India. Not on a pilgrimage , but to meet my sister and cousins.

The city has changed a lot within four years. Many things which I see today were not existing while I was studying there.
My memories rolled out of my mind which brought a gentle smile on my face. There was this feeling that in some way I am related to this beautiful city. But, one thing has not changed. Its people. The same RTC Bus stand where buses race with each other by a millimeter gap between them blowing loud horns , auto rickshaw drivers who always doesn’t follow norms, north Indian pilgrims accusing and shouting at the authorities, mighty Tamilians bargaining with taxis drivers and my own gulte people doing the same.
Four years ago, I saw an auto rickshaw driver who charged a family from Maharastra, a huge amount of 300 rupees for a mere 6 km hire. I saw him today, again negotiating with an unlucky family from Karnataka. I wanted to stop him that day but I didn’t. Because he had muscle power and auto union power with which he can do anything to me. I simply left the place not uttering a single word thinking about the fate of my country. These kind of things happen quite often everywhere. Some will say it as a fight for survival, others blame them for being corrupted and few say that it’s a God’s play. I can’t comment on this right now, because Indians including me are very difficult to study.
And these Indian street dogs bark at me whenever I visit a new place. People say that dogs bark when they see strangers. But these street dogs in Tirupathi have been barking at me for FOUR years. Dogs have changed, but their ferocious look at me still remains the same.
Thanjavur Meals, Madurai Idly, Trichy Sambar, Tirupathi Laddu, Chittoor Palakova , Cool breezes of Madanapalle and a long journey with my friends sleeping over one another in last seat in cute PP Express are the best moments which I relish.
And of course India and Indians are the best. LOL

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