‘MODI’fication of Democratic Carnival

The last two months saw Indians in frenzy attached more to televisions about the ongoing parliamentary elections. The excitement created among the contestants due to the unabated enthusiasm of young voters impacted the outcome of elections in significant way which finally pushed Indian National Congress into an abyss resulting in the euphoria of BJP and cremation of INC.

Mr. Manmohan was the primary choice of Sonia Gandhi for the top post in 2004 due to his economic eminence. He was a man with personal integrity and clean career till then. After becoming PM, then ITALIAN JOB continued.

But there were few land mark achievements for us under his rule. Nuclear deal with US, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), Right to Information, Right to compulsory and free education, controversial FDI and blossoming of Telangana besides numerous corrupt allegations.

Coming to MODIfication of INDIA, keeping aside the grand old man Advani, MODI was declared the PM candidate due to the success of so called Gujarat model. Recently an article in The Hindu editorial column stated “If there is a Gujarat model then there should be Kerala and Tamil Nadu Super Models”. Yes, Gujarat saw rapid progress and attracted huge investments creating massive employments. But still social indicators are low. People are ignorant of real Gujarat model. Most of us were MODIfied due to irresponsible, ignorant coverage and reportage of Electronic, print and of course social media. There may be a MODI wave but seventy percent voted for anti-incumbency. It is appropriate to report the judgment as a drastic failure of congress rather than BJP’s resounding success. The reasons for the sounding defeat of Indian National Congress is attributed to mother and son duo Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

Even though, I congratulate NDA team for attracting, pointing at UPA’s failure, promising secularism and gaining common man’s faith. They were successful in creating a saffron revolution.

What a profound strength and charisma MODI has? If Indira Gandhi was the Iron lady of India, Modi can become the Iron man. People bestowed immense faith in Modi. He should keep his promises offering clean governance. Otherwise India voters will play again.

Meanwhile, I was disappointed with the departure of eminent personalities from government like Manmohan Singh and P Chidambaram who crafted and steered our economic progress for a decade overcoming many hurdles. I offer my sincere thanks to them. However, I am eagerly waiting for the new cabinet under the leadership of Narendra Modi to keep their promises of “Ek Bharath shrestha Bharath”.

Andhra Pradesh was divided, it was an ITALIAN JOB.

Congress was crushed later. It was an ANDHRA VOTER’s job.

So don’t divide the people on communal bias. Be careful Mr.Modi !!!




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