Life is beautiful at SASTRA 1

Tears rolled over my cheeks when I was about to board a bus to my home. It was on 6th May 8.25 PM, when I bid farewell to SASTRA University. The quote “Life is Beautiful” turned to reality at SASTRA. My moments with friends, staff and Thanjavur IDLY are unimaginable. All these four years turned me into a complete gentle man. My thoughts, way of thinking, my life style and of course my character took a beautiful shape here. There are many things which I learnt apart from my academics. My affinity towards IDLY started here.
Two giant architectural marvels which I remember all my life – Thanjavur BIG temple and Vidyut Vihar. While the former offered me peace of mind, the latter grabbed it from me.
1st year @ VKJ 314 & VKJ 309
It was on 14th July 2010 when we stepped into VKJ. Everything was fine and then entered a beautiful OLD lady who started scolding some of our classmates for being late. She was Dr. Ragini who taught us the strategies in communication. She was an appropriate lecturer for students of my kind. Besides narrating few beautiful anecdotes, Dr. Ayyaswamy used to say these words “There were Greek mathematicians who formulated many theories hundreds of years ago but I wonder why the present generation Greeks are backward and unable to do such things”. My first year ended with CGPA of 8.1 (succesfully).
2nd year @ VV206 & VV316
There was some pride among few students including me that we are students of ECE – the popular branch. All this pride was crushed to death mercilessly in the beginning of 3rd semester itself after looking at the question papers of Electronic Circuits and Digital Electronics. Getting through the exams with pass marks was the target for most of us. At the end of 2nd year target was achieved (successfully)

3rd year @ VV328 & VV316
This was the phase during which our interest in learning the subjects deteriorated. There were beautiful subjects like Microprocessors, Microwaves and Analog Communications but we were diluted.
Nothing to say here. It was beautiful with 80% boys in the class. No silence and no discipline, ONLY NOISE.
4th year @ VV214
Stage 1: Placements.
No studies. Only C, C++, Aptitude. Finally target achieved in the form of TCS amidst jubilant celebrations.
Stage 2: After tasting spicy DOSA, getting pass marks in Statistical theory of Communication was the target. Target was achieved with 24 internals. At this moment most of us proved that we are ECE students.
Stage3: Project Work (A big joke)
Farewell parties were celebrated officially and unofficially in all departments. But not in ECE. That is ECE!!!!
But finally everybody gets into TCS.
See you guys in TCS.


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