The queen named AMMA

Puratchi thalaivi selvi J Jayalalitha dearly called as AMMA by her supporters rose to new heights with her astounding victory in recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.
After she assumed power in 2011 she kick started several welfare activities which eventually earned her a popular name AMMA.
The Amma water, Amma canteens, and recently Amma salt are special doles introduced by the government to provide water, tiffin and salt at affordable prices by the poor.
Yes it is appreciated by few and criticized by others.
But why should they be named after AMMA. She is providing all those things with public money not with her own money. I think it is not fair to name those products after her- She is a chief minister, the most respected dignitary and a living legend of TN.
What happens if she doesn’t come into power next time? Does these products will be continued with same name or other names like Kalaignar Water, Captain Water?.. Ha Ha
I heard these words somewhere—Eat in Amma canteen, drink Amma water and go home in the evening via TASMAC.
Great Country with Great leaders elected by Great PEOPLE.

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