My photogenic buddies

It will be very funny to look at the expressions and poses which we cast vehemently seeking the best photograph.There exists a photo enthusiast in every group who is fond of photos. Till now I encountered 3 Romeos of such kind (114004054, 114004217 and 115102019). I narrate few scenes here which will be experienced by most of us.

my buddies2

Scene 1: Individual photo.
“Wow! This location is beautiful. Let’s take a snap here“. Our handsome buddy gets ready to give a pose assuming himself being a super model in a photo shoot before walking on ramp at fashion week in Paris. He gives very strict instructions to follow while taking the photograph. Those funny words are

”Macha this angle ra. Turn the camera by 90 degrees”.

“Ok don’t snap full body, up to my abdomen is enough”.

“Turn on the flash so that my face will appear bright”. And the most funniest caution is

“Don’t zoom in, if you do so clarity will be poor.”

Result: Not nice take another one

Reasons: F**k!
1.Sunlight is not enough.
2.Sun is behind me
3.I am under the shadow of a building or tree or anything.
4. Oh!I closed my eyes.
5.And he frantically screams at one of our friends “Idiot!!Why did you sneak into my photo?!!”

my buddies3

Scene 2: Group photo

Everybody will take their comfortable positions after quarreling, negotiating and compromising. Nearly10 shots will be taken to select the best one in which satisfies everyone. But yet, at least one( mostly those three Romeos) will be not satisfied.

In a group photo we can observe different kind of expressions from our friends. One face will resemble the alien in ET, the middle person assumes himself as Romeo but his expressive face will remind of the red devil in Insidious. Another face appears like innocent Dolly in Harry Potter. One will be Panda and the other will be The Shrek.
Eventually we can take sight of different animation characters of Hollywood.

Few Funniest poses which they give:

1. This photo enthusiast will be looking somewhere and asks for a snap.
Here looking somewhere is a pose. Then he looks to left, right, bottom and finally into the sky. Totally 20 photos.

2. Ray Ban shades bought for 30 rupees at Burma Bazaar. This is the most ‘precious’ ornament for few members in a group. Innumerable funny poses with blind faces will be cast which by seeing in computer, we burst into a frantic laughter.

3.Waving posh symbols by folding central and ring fingers. Initially I thought it was Rajinikanth’s signature stylish symbol in the movie BABA and also our spider man’s web weapon.Later I realized it as a posh symbol. WTF!!!

4.This one is for girls. Pretty, gorgeous and innocent poses assuming themselves as Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Samantha will be cast and a classic divine phenomenon will be observed during marriages and festivals where everybody will be in saree resembling Sridevi, Jayaprada, Savithri, Jayasudha etc..with heavy makeup.

5.The harsh reality is neither they are descendants of Monalisa nor we possess skills as Leonardo Davinci.

6.Placing fingers with different signs behind our friend’s head. Really this will be disgusting to him.

We take photographs since they are the sweet tangible memories which lasts for ever. Of course we post them in Facebook anticipating the highest number of likes.

In my opinion the best photograph is our passport size photo which is a source of our identity.

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