How to direct a telugu serial

There always existed quarrels with heated arguments and comments between me and my mother during watching TV. I will be waiting eagerly to grab remote control from my mom. She will be watching those daily serials in MAA tv and I wanted FIFA world cup. All these 40 days, I keenly observed the way in which daily serials are produced with such an exciting scripts.
I will explain in an engineering students way. Imagine a daily serial as a laboratory experiment. Then the record book will look like this.
Experiment 1

Aim: To direct a telugu daily serial for telecasting in MAA TV.

Apparatus: 1. Patient artists
2. Patient technicians
3. Two pages of script attached with 200 pages of twists.
4. Large container of beauty equipment to last for 5 years.
5. A pen drive full of background scores copied from Tamil, Hindi and English movies.
6. Hire houses as per the requirement of the story.

Episode 1: X enters the house.
X enters a house to invite A B C D for her second husband’s third marriage. Start recording the video of her walking into the house with 3 cameras placed in 3 different directions. A B C D who are present in house will be watching her. Insert these frames of A B C D watching her in multiple intervals of time in the frame of X walking. Now you have recorded 5 minutes.
Then 2 dialogues for X for invitation and 1 dialogue each for ABCD to accept it. This again by inserting ABCD faces in the conversation with background score of Tamil movie Raja Rani. This conversation and ABCD exclamations with thunderous scores will last for 10 minutes.
Now we have completed 15 minutes of shooting. Edit it by annexing Title song and credits.

In MAA TV office at daily serial desk while telecasting:
They need to telecast
1. Play recap of previous episode for 1 minute
2. Play serial for 5 minutes.
3. Then show of 1 minute Coming up next
4. Then play 4 minutes of advertisements.
5. Play serial for next 5 minutes.
6. Then show for 1 minute what will be Coming up next.
7. Then play 4 minutes of advertisements.
8. Play last 5 minutes of serial.
9. Show whats coming up in next episode for 1 minute.

Totally 1+5+1+4+5+1+4+5+1= 27 minutes. Then show Meelo evaru koteeshwarudu trailer for remaining 3 minutes.
27+3=30 minutes will be telecasted successfully.

Don’t reveal script to anybody. Include as many twists as possible to drag the story up to 1000 episodes.
Daily serial with 1000 episodes was telecasted successfully.
Females were satisfied and males developed head aches.

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