It’s a girl thing

Rose Dawson says in Titanic “ A woman’s heart is a deep ocean full of secrets”.

Few Indian economists argue that the prime reason for India to be stable in spite of facing several economic challenges in the global arena is the role of Indian Housewives. No housewife in India will reveal the amount of gold which they possess. Even The World Bank, IMF, CIA, NSA, MI6, FBI, RBI, CBI, IB, RAW and Robo Rajinikanth does not know the amount of gold present in India. It is such a valuable asset which passes through generations.

Meanwhile, in spite of possessing such an economic outlook which contributes for sustainable economy, these women particularly present generation girls provide few Oscar award winning performances in daily life.

Those weird performances are

1. They come to railway and bus booking counters to reserve tickets and banks without a pen. They borrow a pen from strangers standing beside her, in most cases innocent scape goats like me. Definitely they make a mistake while filling the reservation form or bank slips. It is followed by weird exclamations by them to show off themselves and ask for another slip. Until then scapegoats will be waiting to get back their precious pen. In few cases they get back their pen and sometimes they doesn’t.

2. You will be walking along the road and you find a small pool of mud water which you need to jump over. No need for a long jump, high jump. No need for Spiderman or Superman. Its just a short jump which an old man can even do. But these girls cannot do. You know why? Because they think they are angels. I will not write here about their funny and lovely screaming at that moment. You know it already.

3. I go to restaurant alone. One aunty also arrives alone at the same time and sits at the same table in front of me. The boy comes and asks for order. I ask for Idly which will be already prepared and so called beautiful aunty orders onion rava oothappam which is yet to be prepared. You know what. The onion rava oothappam arrives first followed by Idly 2 minutes later. I want to protest this injustice but I don’t, because nobody cares me, they care only for aunties. From today I am anti aunty.

Disclaimer: Its not my intention to hurt anybody. If so I am sorry. Of course all the above lines are true.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Mysterious smile by Eole WindCC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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