Idly Sambar in Jurassic Park

I was watching Jurassic Park last night, the movie which encouraged me to jump into the world of Hollywood 16 years ago. Till now I watched innumerable movies but this flick by Steven Speilberg stands at the unreachable summit still drawing me towards the television whenever it is being broad casted.

T rex In Jurassic Park
Photo Credit: T_Rex Dinosaur at Universal Studios Jurassic Park by Scott Kinmartin, CC by 2.0

I watched it in 1997 when my school organised a movie show for students. It was a wonderful experience for me watching it with my kindergarten friends while I was 5 years old.

My mouth would be wide open if a dinosaur appears on the screen, Of course even now I do it at 22 (not for a dinosaur but for other things). I seldom miss the scene where a giant one breaks the fence and thrashes the car at night with two children screaming from inside.

The haunting title score, background score composed by John Williams provides an excellent feel. But the unbearable thing is listening to such a great music copied in the most irritating Telugu daily serials.
Jurassic park really brought a revolution enhancing the visual effects technology. Till now it stands as a textbook for many visual effects technicians.

Imagine how thrilling it would be staying in the Jurassic park eating Idly Sambar with my friends amidst of gaint dinosaurs. Wow it would be wonderful !!!!!!! Hope it becomes true……

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