Majestic MADRAS

When I was offered joining letter by TCS to report at Chennai, most of my friends questioned and ridiculed me for opting Chennai as my preferred location to work. Frightened by the hot humid climate of Chennai, they opted for Bangalore and Hyderabad as if they were born in a Himalayan village.

My friends and I clearly knew that my lifestyle is quite different from theirs. They crack funny jokes upon my habits and likes. Today one of my idiots posted a funny absurd picture of mine on Facebook. Whatever they do, I enjoyed and will enjoy being with them. They are the most preferred by me after my family. Scattered among different parts of the world, they wished me successful future and now I am here in the most cultured, elegant and majestic metropolitan city.

Three weeks passed by since I landed here. I have new acquaintances, friends and my favourite ****. I had been facing difficulties in jumping from student life to professional life. Old habits don’t fade away that easily.

Chennai celebrated her 375th birthday yesterday. This city had a cultural and political significance in Indian modern history. Rather than depending entirely upon IT boom, it developed in its own style by incorporating manufacturing, automobile, small and medium scale industries. The most important aspect is it withheld its culture in spite of progressing towards globalized development. Music and Dance festivals, Tamil cinema, long sand beaches add beauty to this city. That is why I like it.

My friends will be laughing while reading these words of mine appreciating the beauty and greatness of Chennai. But my dear idiots, this is real and you have to accept it. No other go. Chennai is the best. You come with whatever facts or reasons against my affinity to Chennai I don’t care. Because I have Rajinikanth here…….

Have a nice time…… See you later……(Sambar saadam sapta ponum. Apparam pakalam)

Feature Image Photo Credit: A morning at marina… by Vinoth Chander, CC BY 2.0

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  1. A very well written article ra sabari,keep writing 🙂


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