Show off….

#Travelling to New York. Stranded at Abu Dhabi Airport, Feeling bored and irritated#
I always wonder why these people don’t post such kind of things when they get stranded at local bus stand in their town. Is it to show off their maiden voyage by aeroplane to foreign countries?
Next time when I get struck in Chennai traffic or Chittoor old bus stand or when my ORDINARY bus in which I was travelling breaks down I will post it on facebook.
In near future you may see posts like these from me.
My pallevelugu bus broke down. Waiting to catch another one. Feeling irritated.
Travelling to Madanapalle from Koyembedu. Feeling excited to travel in APSRTC.
Travelling from Vellore to Thanjavur in TNSTC. WOW really excited.
Travelling on footboard from SASTRA to Thanjavur. Feeling pleasant.
My dear friends, it would be decent if you posted like I am moving to USA for my post graduation at XYZ University. But don’t post like travelling to New York from Bangalore. Any way, you will have our best wishes till the end. Have a nice stay..
All the best.

Those are my personal feelings.I have no intention to hurt anybody who travel by aeroplane.

With inputs from Karthikesh..

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