It’s a new life and new beginning for me here in Chennai. Still we are on the way moving out of our college adolescent comfort zone. One thing that I see every day is my dearer colleague Mr. XYZ who gets struck in the cloud of dreams whenever he gets a glimpse of one of my fellow employees in our organization.

We would have watched in many Indian movies, the scene where hero falls in love with the beautiful, gorgeous cute heroine at first sight which we casually call Love at First Sight. Here our hero did not fall in love instead he fell into a deep ocean of infatuated dreams and feelings.

Most of the mornings, our conversation starts with a beautiful poetic description about her. Her cute expressive face whenever she says ‘Hi’ with such a tone of a seven year old girl saying Hi to her friend always makes his heartbeat gain rapid momentum for a second. Whenever she talks, we will be listening to her but our Romeo with his eyes shut will be listening to the sweet and lovely song of nightingale singing with her full energy and supported by Maestro Ilayaraja’s Background score. He will be on cloud nine.

He opens the door for her and offers chocolates for her and of course yes, he waits for these sweet opportunities daily longing to spend at least one or two seconds with her. Moreover, his strong and pure attraction towards her is amplified by our constant pushing and encouragement. He talks to me every day about her.

He may not go for her but these moments will be with him forever. Every one of us at one point of time in our life may have undergone such moments getting drenched in the heavy downpour of an immense attractive feelings.

Feature Image Photo Credit: All My Loving by Fe Ilya, CC BY-SA 2.0

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