Thank You for Connecting us

I pass by the Nokia plant at Sriperumbudur on the outskirts of Chennai every time I go home. Being an ardent fan of Nokia brand, headlines of The Hindu two weeks ago stating Nokia’s Chennai plant would be shutdown from November left me surprised and grief struck.

Photo credit : Nokia 8250 & 3210 by Brad Scruse

I felt sad not only for 8000 employees who were losing their job but also for the disappearance of NOKIA from the horizon. shit!!! Adding to my grief, Microsoft made an official announcement yesterday that it will be dropping Nokia brand name from Lumia phones. 😭

It has a network business now. I heard of Nokia accounting 2% of Finland GDP when it was a pioneer in mobile phone business.

I remember playing Space Impact, Snake zenzia, cricket and few more games on Nokia phones while I was in 7th standard. My sister would quarrel with me and sometimes made futile attempts by shedding crocodile tears to grab phone from me. When she felt she is lost she would bring my father into the scene and she would finally get the phone with a triumphant face throwing a ferocious look at me. Of course, we know every father in the world loves their daughter than their son (Gender discrimination).

Nokia brought a revolution and put forward many innovations in mobile phone technology and smart phone market today. There might be several reasons for its down fall, but it shone brightly for more than a decade.

It is the grand father of Samsung phones, Apple iphones, Xiomi, Micromax and few other children in the market now. It showed them a path which should be followed and which shouldn’t be.

Nokia connected us for a decade and still it is connecting most of us now including me and my mother. (My father uses rival Samsung).

Thank you Nokia for connecting us.

Rest in Peace my dear……

Photo credit: Nokia 8250 & Nokia 3210 (2000 & 1999) by Brad ScruseCC BY NC-2.0

Feature image Photo Credit: connecting people by pee vee, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

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