Merasalaayitten Chapter 2 – Farewell

Tomorrow will be the final day of our training. While all of us are so excited about the job which we will be doing in the ever challenging corporate world after stepping out of the training center, our hero is depressed because it will be the last day to see her. Of course, she will be in his memories. Its a tearful farewell for him this time.

He asked me to write a 2nd chapter in Merasalayitten. He also narrated some of his memorable experiences with us (including her ) which I am going to share with you now.

                                                Scene 1- In the lift                                                                                                                                                                                     

XYZ: There are innumerable angels on the earth but she is the only one I have seen.

Friend 1: Oh my God!! He has started..

XYZ: Hey! Are you listening? she is the only angel I have seen.

Friend 1: Its OK. I wonder how angels are visible only to you? You are blessed with magical power to look at angels. By the way did you see her today??

XYZ: Yeah.. I opened door for her at 4th floor and she threw a cute smile at me and thanked me..

Friend 1 : Are you employed as a watchman in our office? Always opening the door and closing the door.

XYZ: Its minimum courtesy to keep open the door while someone walks behind us. We are white collared professionals. They are manners dude.

Friend 1: OOOhhoooo!!!!!!!!!!  Sometimes we walk behind you. Have you ever opened door for us?

XYZ: Feeling jealous ahhh..

Friend 1: Hey can you please stop saying about her all the time???

XYZ: She is angel daa..

Friend 1: appidiya!!!!. ava angel aana naangalla bichchakara pasangala.. .

                                                             Scene 2-Next morning 

Friend 2: Hey XYZ!!! She is coming.

XYZ: Oh Where ??
He jumps out if his chair to have glimpse of her )

XYZ: She came in green saree.. left her hair free. She looks beautiful.. Look at her dude.. We have an angel in our office..

Friend 3: Ok If she is angel are we demons???

XYZ: Yes!!!! ( A spontaneous answer).

Friend 4: Hello guys!! Can any body go and enquire about when the test is scheduled?

XYZ: I ll go..

He screams to volunteer and starts strolling along the aisle looking her from a distance).

Friend 2: Why is he mad about her??

Friend 3: I don’t know. He says she is an angel and she is the only one whom he has seen till now.

Friend 2: shit!!!!

                                      Scene 3-Just after the project presentation
XYZ: I can hear one lovely beautiful music while she speaks to the audience.

Friend 2: Then I think you have a problem with your ear. You need to consult an ENT specialist.. Since you can see angels I also suggest you to consult a good ophthalmologist.

XYZ: It’s not time for jokes… I am talking very seriously..

Friend 2 : Abba serious ahh.

XYZ: OK leave it.. Today she changed her earrings. She always wears earrings which match with her dress. She is very conscious of her beauty.

Friend 2 : How can you observe her earrings and the colour of dress she wore for the past one month.. Dude you are really Sherlock..

XYZ: See I am not Sherlock and neither you are Dr. Watson. I am a normal man.. I am just attracted to her beauty..
People see Taj Mahal only because it looks beautiful. She has that beauty which keeps my eyes always looking at her.

Friend 2: Is it?? Actually she doesn’t look that beautiful. She is just Ok. I am really wondering why you are comparing her with the beauty of Taj Mahal ?

XYZ: Look with my eyes dude.. look with my eyes..You can see the eternal immortal beauty in her.

Friend 2: Ok stop talking.. Its time to go and open the door.. She left. Go fast, otherwise someone else will have that opportunity.

XYZ: Oh my God.. I have to hurry. Bye.. We shall meet in cafeteria..

Friend 2: Ok Be ready with a cup of milk for me and two cups of tea for others.. Do you need any change??

XYZ: No I got change… Bye..

                                              Scene 4-After Diwali

XYZ: Dude.. I went to Tirumala yesterday. I brought prasadam Laddus. Have it.

Friend 1: OK cool.. Thank You.

XYZ: I want to give one laddu to my angel also.

Friend 1: Yeah. Go ahead.

XYZ: But I am scared.

Friend 1: You are not giving her a Rose. You are giving her prasadam. Nothing wrong. You gave to everybody. It doesnt matter. Go ahead.


He takes a laddu and slowly walks towards her

XYZ: Excuse me. Good Morning.

ANGEL: Yes. XYZ. How are you. Whats the matter?

XYZ: I visited Tirumala temple yesterday and I brought prasadam for you.

ANGEL: Oh thats nice. I like Laddu. How was the Darshan? Did it go well?

XYZ: Yes. It went well. We returned within a day.

ANGEL: Actually I have been planning to go to Tirumala with my family. How is it there now? How about the rush of piligrims?

XYZ: Since it was Diwali yesterday, people were celebrating. So there was no heavy rush to the shrine. I completed darshan within two hours.

ANGEL: What is the ideal time to visit Tirumala?

XYZ: There will be huge rush of piligrims during weekends, bramhostavams and summer. Rest of the time is ideal. But it would be better if we verify about the rush and any auspicious days before we plan the date.

ANGEL: OK Thank You for the information and also for Laddu.

XYZ: Its OK.

                                                        Scene 5-At the cafeteria 

One fine evening she was invited by our entire team to have a cup of coffee with us.

ANGEL: Hello everyone.. Good evening..

Friend 1Friend 10. : Good evening …

Friend 1: What would you like to have? Coffee tea juice or anything else??

ANGEL: Sorry. I don’t have the habit of having coffee or tea.. You guys carry on…

Friend 5: Why??

ANGEL: Since I was a child I neither had coffee nor tea.

Friend 6: Ok that’s good habit and good for health too.

ANGEL: yeah..

Friend 4: I have brought sandwich from home. Angel.. at least have thus sandwich please..

ANGEL: sandwich is OK.

She cuts the sandwich into two halves, takes one half of it and places the other half back into the box.
Friend 4 takes the box but suddenly XYZ grabs it from him and eats the remaining half sandwich..
Meanwhile Friend 1 Friend 2 and Friend 6 will be observing the ongoing drama.

ANGEL: Sandwich is nice.. It tastes good.

Friend 2: Oh Thank You…

Here XYZ already gathered some facts about her native place and starts enquiring about them with her..
After chit chatting for 10 minutes..

ANGEL: ok Its time.. It was nice meeting you all.. Thanks for the sandwich.. Have a nice day.. Bye..

Friend 1….. Friend 10: Bye…

XYZ seemed very happy at the moment..

                                Scene 6:  In the office after returning from cafeteria..

XYZ: Today I am very happy..

Friend 1: Why so happy?

XYZ: Because I never expected her join us for coffee.

Friend 1: But she didn’t had coffee..

XYZ: Whatever… its her personal if she doesn’t drink coffee.. Anyway she came and joined us as if she was our friend.. That is enough. I am happy..

Friend 1: Why are you so attracted to her? There is no sense in doing all these things. By the way Do you really love her???

XYZ: Noo.. I don’t love her.

Friend 1: Then why all do you keep saying about her all the time?

XYZ: Dude.. You completely misunderstood me.. I am again saying. What you feel about me is false.. Most of the people in our office think about me in the same way what you are thinking me about me right now. But your perceptions about me are false. Let me clarify you.

After four or five years I will be marrying somebody. I don’t even know who she is and where she will be from.. After all that is our fate.. We have to abide by it.

Coming to my point, we will see a flower and will appreciate its beauty and the unique fragrance it got. We look at films and each one of us like different actresses. We only like them. But we dont love them nor wish to marry them. I like her because I like her.. Not only me, ever body likes her, but I like more than you do. I respect her because she deserves respect.There were instances where I wanted to see her because I was attracted to her like a beautiful rose which attracts the visitors in the garden.

Leonardo Davinci drew Monalisa. Today Monalisa is loved by lakhs of people. But she never existed. She was just in the picture. Its was Leonardo’s painting which made her beautiful. I too love my Angel the same way as we love Monalisa.
When we accidentally look at any beautiful object, flower, painting etc..,our eyes will automatically turn towards them again and we will be staring at them. Our mind is framed by the Almighty in such a way. Its your eyes dude. You see. You explore. Who is gonna come and shut your eyes. If you look a beautiful painting, statue or a flower is government going to prosecute you? NO Never.

Friend 1: Oh my God !! What a lecture!!

——————-to be continued………………

Feature image by Xava du, CC by NC-ND-2.0

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  2. thanks ganesh macha u gave me clarity about the girl im liking. thank u so much macha. keep writung buddy coz till yester day im thinking that im the only one having weird thoughts thanks for supporting me.


    1. Those moments are good memories for all of us. Thanks for sharing your experience and also for your comment.


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