Directed by Christopher Nolan

After watching Interstellar, I realised one thing. The more complex you do things, the more attention and fame you get.

Christopher Nolan’s style of presenting a movie with a non parallel narration stuffed with complex theories is in many ways different from other film makers.

Photo Credit: Interstellar Film Poster by Global Panorama, CC BY-SA 2.0


Today after watching Interstellar with my friend braving heavy downpour in Chennai, we were discussing about the scientific theories and how far they were accurate – Actually the scientific concepts in the movie made both of us go mad. Later in the evening, I grabbed his laptop computer to go through various reviews and debates about the science in Interstellar only to come to a conclusion that Nolan may not be the greatest director of his time but he is the best among few filmmakers who is successful in making the audience think about the movie. But even after thinking and exploring, the science of Interstellar remains a Chinese script for me.

There was a huge applause from the audience when the end credits Directed by Christopher Nolan  appeared on the screen even though half of them understood nothing.

Coming to my point, being unique will make you identified. Dont follow others style if you want to be unique. Make others follow your style. You impact others. Show what is special in you. You should be an inspiration. Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese made the entire film faternity in the world to look into their movies. They were succesful in this aspect only because their way of film making, narration and themes were different from others.

I hope you got my point..

Learn from Christopher Nolan and try to be unique. Present a different dimension of yourself to the society.

Now go watch Interstellar and get mad. It may activate the dead neurons in your brain.

Feature Image Photo Credit : Inception panel – Christopher Nolan by Pop Culture Geek, CC BY 2.0

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