Big Brother cannot be trusted

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be very interested in building strong relationships with other countries. Yes, it is very much needed at this point of time to make India stand out among other powerful nations. But at what cost?

Recent headlines in newspapers revealed a not so sensational news that American president was invited to be the chief guest of honour for Republic day celebrations.

And to much awe, he accepted the invitation cancelling his all important engagements that day.

Independent India is 68 years old still struggling to show case its potential as super power. In all these 68 years, we observed The Big Brother ruining the sovereignty of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and many more small territories.

Before dwelling into the secret personal life of Big Brother, let me talk about the foreign policy of India.

Being a non aligned nation since the beginning of cold war, India adopted a silent and neutral approach always. India even had very good lessons in 1962 and 1971 where it corrected flaws in its foreign policy.

Coming to big brother I can say only one thing. Don’t trust him. He is watching. He is in your house, he is in your office. Former NSA employee and  whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed American massive surveillance programme since the beginning of cold war. They even tapped mobile phones of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and our own former PM Manmohan Singh.

No country in this world has its foreign policy which benefits its friends. All the time, something is bartered in their friendship. Of course we can call this doing business rather than calling friendship. And never think America is doing good for us. It never does. History has proved it. Islamic terrorism is a very good example.

Big brothers friendly attitude towards us is to check the aggressive expansion of China’s influence in Asia and in turn to gain foothold in Indian Ocean. Even Modi and his team are aware of this, but I don’t know why they are trying to build concrete relationship  with America.

But now as a common man, I cant understand why Mr.Modi and his team are much concerned with ease of business rankings given by capitalist economic institutions.

Who are they to rate us and why are we concerned about their rankings and misguided ratings? Ours is a diverse country with diversified geopolitical, cultural and economic interests. We know much about our country than them.

Even though their rankings play significant role in bringing foreign investments into India, firstly we should not be concerned about them. There are many issues like farmer suicides, rapid industrialization at the cost of environment, subsidies eating the exchequer, poor infrastructure, women security, population growth, rural health care and many more.

Obama is visiting India. There will be something fishy inside. Be careful. Big brother is watching.

My personal letter to Prime Minister

Mr.Prime Minister,

I beg you not to bring FDI into everything. If you bring them we have to dance to their music.

I request you to clean our house. Yes seriously clean our house. I mean effective transparent bureaucracy far away from political interests. Clean it. Only you can do it.

Forget about making Sanskrit and Hindi compulsory in schools, instead make Swatch Bharath reach every house. And don’t make Bollywood actors and actress clean a random street in Mumbai just for the sake of publicity. Make every Indian bend to clean the streets for the sake of nation.

And please avoid using metaphors  ( we South Indians casually refer them as punch dialogues) like You can take Indians out of India but you cannot take India out of Indians. We are bored with punch dialogues from Telugu movies. We have Super Star Rajinikanth here to throw punch dialogues.

Mr.Modi, I humbly respect your Make in India campaign and your reach to Kashmir and North east.

Please, next time prevent Smriti Irani from visiting an astrologer. She is a Human resource minister and they should believe in education not in astrology.

Convey my regards to Mr.Obama and also our Gen Y message to him that we don’t dance to American Capitalist Music , instead we dance to our own classical music and more importantly persons like me will dance for kuththu songs.

Feature Image photo credit: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? by nolifebeforecoffeeCC by 2.0

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