Big Brother cannot be trusted – Chapter 2

My recent post Big Brother cannot be trusted showcased only one side of the issue. I received comments from my friends and colleagues supporting and contradicting my view. Firstly I thank them all for sharing their opinion which made me think deep into the matter and eventually changed my opinion. After doing some homework, I am going to present few facts which tell us how careful we should be when it matters with the big brother.

After Independence, Socialist economic policy appealed more to our then Prime Minister Nehru. But after extensive research, they formulated a mixed policy taking into consideration the advantages of both Socialist and Capitalist systems. Government had extensive control over trade and industries during those days. During Cold war the world was polarized into two powerful blocs. But India started non alignment movement in which it supported neither .This was a clever step in its early years. India didn’t even sign the NTBT and CTBT which prevented other nations from having nuclear technology.

1971 War with Pakistan: India successfully liberated East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) from Pakistan. America extended its support to Pakistan in the war while Soviet Union supported us. America felt humiliated with Pakistan’s defeat and was afraid about Soviet Russia’s hegemony in Asia. In a leaked conversation between American President Nixon and his Assistant to NSA Kissinger, it was revealed that he called Indira Gandhi ‘an old witch’ and Indians as bastards. This clearly showed Americas frantic tantrums in view of its virtual defeat.

1974 Pokhran Nuclear Test: India tested its first nuclear weapon under the leadership of Homi Baba and Indira Gandhi. This clearly showed America’s frantic tantrums over our nuclear arsenal. They started feeling insecure with our nuclear technology and our close defense ties with Soviet Union. Eventually they started providing arms support to Pakistan to counter India and Russia’s growth as a Asian powers. And you know what Pakistan is doing now? Again in 1998 we had another nuclear test guided by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who refused to sign the CTBT (Comprehensive Test ban Treaty). This act of bravery resulted in widespread condemnation from all over the world and several sanctions were imposed against us.

1966-68 Famine: It was during the time of Vietnam war where America’s involvement and its acts were criticized and condemned by India. Unfortunately, two severe consecutive famines had hit north India where India asked for external assistance to provide food grain. We had no food to feed ourselves. Indira Gandhi asked help from America which had surplus food grains to export wheat to feed Indians. You know what they did? American president asked Indira Gandhi to sign an agreement where we had to stop condemning American involvement in Vietnam war and should extend support to the war from American side. And Indira Gandhi strictly refused to it. Americans did not supply wheat. Indira Gandhi returned to India humiliated. Indira Gandhi, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger: According to few declassified American diplomatic documents, Richard Nixon the then president of United States called Indira Gandhi a ***** and Henry Kissinger called Indians as bastards.

Source: U.S. Department of State Archive. Further Information: Wikileaks, Kissinger Cables and greatgameindia

This event of America refusing to help India was a deep humiliation for India and its sovereignty. Deeply struck with this humiliation Indira Gandhi announced that we should feed ourselves and no help should be taken from others and started Green Revolution. Now due to the massive success of Green Revolution India became one of the largest food exporters.

We wanted to prove our potential. And we proved. Indians are powerful. Indian minds are clever. Indian work has a quality. Ours is a great country with immense potential to become a super power. In pursuit of this goal, we may encounter obstacles in the name of America and China. Our Foreign policy should not compromise our sovereignty, integrity, unity and strength. A careful approach in doing business with the West and having strong Domestic policy to safeguard Indian interests should be the main concern. Yes we need foreign relations to progress. But not at the cost of our sovereignty. Prime Minister Modi’s current stance in our Foreign policy is well appreciated and time will answer several questions before him. I am not against America, but we have to deal carefully with Big brother. 

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