Its my 1st blog anniversary. Thank You all

I feel very happy that I am writing now to convey my wholehearted thanks to all my readers on the occasion of my first blog anniversary.

Having started blogging on the night of Christmas last year across the corridors of AV hostel in SASTRA University, it was a wonderful and exciting journey in blogging for me. It was exciting not because of the encouragement and feedback I got for my posts, but it was due to the diverse, crazy and of course somewhat controversial ideas I had put forth in my blog.

Though few ideas were complex and intriguing to few section of people, Sandeep, Tharun, Karthikesh and many more friends encouraged me to proceed with my ideas. During this memorable journey through Idly Sambar, I came across different instances where sometimes I got an encouraging pat on my back and most of the times a slap on my face.

From Democratic Sambar to Big Brother

I started Idly Sambar as a hobby but in due course of time I never thought that it would become an important push for me in learning. Somebody said that Life is a process of learning. Everything you do in your life is learning or practicing something. Every task you perform in a day will teach you something.

While delving into the history of the Indian economy and studying various theories of Indian Foreign policy and American war on terror, I have learnt a lot till now. I came to know several significant facts which later inspired me. Karl Marx socialist principles, Adolf Hitler’s supremacy and his downfall during World War, Indira Gandhi’s iconic and dictatorial rule, domestic conditions which are typical of Indian middle class families and of course new metro life in cosmopolitan Chennai had a significant impact on my thinking which would later mold my life style.

There is a popular dialog in a Telugu movie “Films on Gandhi will be failure whereas commercial entertainers like Kadapa King will be screened in 200 centers for 100 days”. Yes it is damn true.

Merasalayitten chapters garnered most number of views and comments for me while Big brother chapters and Socialist democracy concepts failed miserably. After all most of us seek entertainment and not some patriotic lessons. Don’t worry. I am there to provide you entertainment.

I thank Karthikesh, Koti and all my friends for promoting my blog and special thanks to Tharun who took my blog along with him to an international level spread along 11 countries.

I wish you all to have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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