Mysterious faces in metros

After completing work at office, I came to bus stop to board a bus to go home. As it was evening, looking at crowded buses, I decided to take an auto rickshaw to go home and stopped one. I was frightened a little bit to enter into the auto as there were four girls sitting inside with their faces covered with scarfs. With awestruck wonder on my face, I adjusted myself beside auto driver who graciously invited me to sit beside him. With reverential fear, I was wondering all the journey why these women drape their faces under scarfs. They look like terrorists. I also wonder if they would cover their face, then what is the need to put heavy make up on it??

Pune pollution
Photo Credit: The Pune biking culture by Satish Krishnamurthy, CC by 2.0


There are many reasons for this mysterious stylish phenomenon in India. Prime reason is to prevent their skin from scorching sun, dust and breathing polluted air. Second reason is they want be anonymous to public as if they are going to steal something or doing any terror act. Some girls go out with these beautiful veils to prevent others taking notice of them while they just hang out with their boyfriends. But technically, covering the entire face may look stylish to some people. Some girls cover their face to avoid unnecessary stares from boys.

And in few cases there is cultural and mythological significance among few religions. Thats OK and can be acknowledged.

But I love to see this mysterious faces daily. Just imagine boys covering their faces beautifully like girls do. How would they look like? They look like terrorists.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Mumbai-Pollution Control by Darrel Ronald, CC BY_NC_ND 2.0

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