My sincere apology to those mysterious faces

I received few lambasting comments for my recent post Mysterious faces in metros where I expressed my personal views and experiences about girls covering their faces for several reasons. Unexpectedly, I got warnings from my mother. Usage of words like ‘terrorist’ was uncomfortable to few of them.

Rita Hayworth Style
Photo Credit : Rita Hayworth Style – IMG 0120 ep by Eric Parker, CC BY-NC 2.0

As a feminist critique, I whole heartedly support their cause for covering their beautiful faces.

I offer my sincere apology to those mysterious and non mysterious faces of Indian Metros who felt offended, ridiculed and let down by my blog. In this context I want to convey to all that India is great and Indian women are even greater.

It wasn’t the appropriate time to express those personal views on my blog. But still I am not deleting that post because I have done nothing offensive. I decided to deal with those mysterious faces later.

Image by Sara, CC by 2.0

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