That adolescent feeling

Adolescence is a time during which we feel and experience most important things in our life. When you reach 10th standard in your school, you get a feeling that you are the eldest and a big hero in your school and quite sometimes an ironical imagination would have struck you where you saw yourself as the headmaster of your school. That adolescent feelings will give you wings to your imagination. There is no limit for you.

I was reminded of these adolescent feelings after I a noticed a group of boys standing on footboard in a metropolitan bus doing some stunts. There were friends in my school days who could ride a bicycle with hands stretching free into the air. We feel like everything in the world is ours and we are there to help, beautify, enjoy, conquer and rule our surroundings. We just feel we are grownup and assume ourselves as the baadshah of neighborhood.

While in college, whenever I sit to study for exams or start doing assignments, a lizard on the wall draws my attention towards it. And several scientific questions will start tickling me. How is that lizard able to hold that wall? Why do humans cannot climb walls? Why don’t we possess those skills of spider man? And nature starts looking beautiful, even a crow sitting on a branch of a tree seems very interesting. A squirrel running along my hostel corridors looks very pretty.

Freedom gives us many things, most importantly decision making capability. We can explore the world with freedom. There is more to learn from our society. Our emotions and cognitive behavior teaches valuable lessons. Its only during this adolescence amidst of intense confusion, we got to shape our character. We have Goals, Expectations, Results, Friends and Parents. Eventually our decisions in our life will shape our personality.

But one thing that dejects us at this point of time is restrictions in our Indian Society. Family problems, cultural differences etc lets down most of us. We have wings only for our imagination but not for our journey in life. Overcoming all hardships to be successful is inevitable. There are more lessons to be learnt apart from textbooks in adolescence and I have learnt many.

My wishes will be with you always.

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