Birth, Dharma and Destiny

While having chitchat in office, one of my colleague stunned me by throwing one of the most thoughtful questions in recent times. He asked me to honestly explain about my birth, my Dharma and my Destiny. He offered me fifteen minutes to think of it and turned towards the computer to work. To utter coincidence, my roommates were narrating few anecdotes from Indian mythological epics the previous night in which every anecdote was linked with Dharma and Loka Kalyanam — Unfortunately, these two words are misinterpreted in many ways in India and does not have a perfect English meaning.

Pensively, I took notepad and scribbled about everything that came into my mind. My birth, my parents, my friends, my hometown, my office etc. After ten minutes of pensiveness, I explained my script to him. He didn’t comment anything. I asked him what he would answer for the same question. He vehemently explained me his answer. Few statements of ours coincided.I will summarize our discussions here.

Birth: Its not in our hands. We can do nothing.We may be welcomed with celebrations in palaces or in stenching slums. Whatever it may be, we have to be thankful to our parents.

Dharma: The stories of Ravana, Rama, Duryodhana, Karna, Arjuna, Sakuni and Sri Krishna taught Indians about Dharma. But, unfortunately, till now most of them including me didn’t follow those lessons.

Destiny: Everybody is working hard to get something and running a mad race to reach somewhere. What is it we are working for and where we are going in our career shows us the destiny.

What society taught us and how much we owe to it? What is our duty as a responsible citizen? I request you not to think of Swachch Bharath or Make In India. I would like to preach Swachch Heart and Make in your mind, don’t follow others mind.

A serious introspection into our birth, family, country and society will answer these questions.

With inputs from Karthikesh, Tejesh and Anandh Kumar LR.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Dharma by Hartwid HKD, CC BY-ND 2.0

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