Madness on OMR

OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) is one of the most popular places heard in Chennai. It is also called as IT Express way by Government and officially Rajiv Gandhi Salai by Congress government. I compiled my daily observations here about OMR.

  • TCS and Cognizant have large fleet of buses than MTC plying on OMR.
  • SIPCOT shuttle bus services of Cognizant and TCS are the fastest in the world. Ford, General motors, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen need to do study about the technology involved in it and to try to implement that in their vehicles to provide greater acceleration and speed to its customers.
  • Shozhinganallur junction is full of chaos during rush hours.
  • The most respected man on the OMR is traffic police at the Shozhinganalllur junction.
  • Nellore and Nallur are different. Auto drivers are too lazy to pronounce the word shozhinganallur.
  • Drivers of buses towards Broadway have no hopes on their lives. OMR and Marina Beach road are Formula One racetracks for them. They can represent India through Chennai MTC team in every Grand Prix held all over the world.
  • Stretch of road at Kumaran Nagar is home to cattle. Poor cattle majestically lie on the middle of road behind barricades blinking at the vehicles.
  • The busiest parts of OMR are the couple of service roads which run along its entire length. They are the preferred lanes to main lanes for travel.
  • Auto drivers think they are clever. But they are not aware of a universal truth that IT employees are even cleverer in using service roads.
  • Generally, it is right hand driving on Indian roads and all the vehicles should keep left. But on service roads, there are no rules. You can go left and  right and up and down and skid and jump and are authorized to  do any kind of stunt. An aeroplane can be landed on the service roads assuming it as the runway.
  • Ordinary (White board) buses are the most sought after and AC buses are the most liked.
  • IT employees are planning to request MTC officials to allow passengers to get onto top of the buses (570 in particular) on Friday evenings to avoid severe rush.
  • IT employees here forget about decency and dignity when they board buses. Usually they work for 9 hours sitting and staring at the computer and I wonder why they rush again to grab the seats when the bus arrives.
  • As a common global phenomenon, everybody living along OMR loves music. They will be having head phones pierced into their eardrums and completely forget about their surroundings. Poor bus conductors have to shout , scream and cry for tickets with these people.
  • OMR is an acronym for Old Mahabalipuram Road. But it never looks old, because thousands of young IT employees add beauty to it.
  • North Indians are interesting and entertaining. They board buses only by looking at its service number and not by its service name. Sometimes, they end up getting scoldings from people for boarding ladies special buses. Even I experienced it.

All the views are my personal opinion about OMR. I don’t have any intention to let down IT employees or hurt anybody’s feelings.

I dedicate this to all my beloved citizens living along OMR.

2 responses to “Madness on OMR”

  1. Nice work Sabari. Keep it up. You have written almost everything that happens on OMR. No body knows their fate when they are driving there. Also even chai shop owners look at us like we are some mad men roaming on roads.


    1. Fellow Omrite! Hahahaha..good work sabari


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