Super Heroes

I was ten years old when I watched Spider Man cuffing the limbs of goons with his mighty web in New York. When I reached thirteen, Hulk who was incredible smashed my Onida screen and I was eighteen when Iron Man made ironical comments ridiculing CIA’s dependency on him. I was not born when the ever young Captain America, who was a hero of Second World War, slept for five decades and woke up finally to get amused and lost in the chaos of Times Square.

Every time humanity faced danger, these super heroes came and saved us from the jaws of extinction. Even alien attacks and nuclear threats came under control with intervention of super heroes. But at one point of time threat loomed large to human life and they needed some assistance. Our world was short of super heroes.

They prayed and Thor came from another world swinging his mighty and weighty hammer. He was not alone. He loved his brother Loki and brought him here. Their vacation was for a short period of time. All these Marvellous super heroes played a big game under the leadership of Nick Fury in which New York witnessed a collateral damage.

Our heroes are so kind. Not only they saved earth, they sent a Marvellous new team to guard a galaxy in our universe. There was another unfortunate team of Fantastic Four who were neglected by us due to their obsession for a silver surfer.

On the other side of the coin, there was a Super Man born in other world and brought up in Kansas. There was a batman who roamed on the streets of Gotham city in the dark (k)night. And both of them are coming together soon to create another collateral damage. This time they will fight with each other for the dawn of justice.

Now coming to the great Indian subcontinent, we have Sakthiman an Indian cousin of Superman, Krrish an innocent fellow with a beautiful girl friend and Ra.One whose favorite dish is maggi noodles with curd.

Down the super southern peninsula, we have Chitti, the robot with stupendous speed of one tera hertz and enormous memory of one zeta byte. Most recently we witnessed a vigilante with a Mugamudi. He was the younger brother of Batman and while Batman looked after Gotham, he took care of Chennai.

Most of the times, these super heroes will be playing hide and seek among the sky scrapers of New York. I wonder why they love New York?. Hollywood is obsessed with that city. Why don’t they come to Marina beach and play kabaddi instead of playing hide and seek in New York. There wont be any loss to property here in Marina. And if they want high voltage chasing scenes, they should come to OMR. Why do they always end up smashing cars and falling from cliffs in the valleys of Colorado? There won’t be any blind turns on OMR. It is straight and stretched upto a length of 50kms. It even has dwarf skyscrapers on both sides to play hide and seek. IT crowd will join you here. Indian prime minister is inviting you to Make and Break in India. Visit our Incredible India.

Hail our Super Heroes.

Feature Image Photo CreditThe Amazing Spider-man movie still by marvelousRoland, CC BY-SA 2.0

3 responses to “Super Heroes”

  1. This, sir, was hilarious. Hail this Incredible Indian subcontinent of ours!!!


    1. ha ha hail India…Incredible India…
      Thanks for commenting and following my blog

      Liked by 1 person

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