Those Days

We often hear our grand parents and parents narrating their experiences to us. They would start with a phrase those days and would continue their speech.

When ever an incident is witnessed by them which they feel uncomfortable, they scold today’s generation for it and relate our mischief to those days. It is clear from their frustration that they still relish the memories of those days. Most of them are willing to go back to those days. But, unfortunately time is irreversible.

Generally, young minds have limitless dreams. Some of us live happily with whatever we are blessed with and few will strive to be happy and few will not be happy at all. They accuse the previous generations for their present situation.

My father would say, in those days, we used to write letters to friends and family. And I will say to my children we used to text through Whatsapp, Skype etc.. and my child would say to his/her children that they used to project image of themselves before their family to talk to them like what Rajinikanth does in Endhiran.

Science and technology improved. Life Style has changed. What we are experiencing today, what comforts we have today are all the blessings of our previous generations. What our grandparents experienced in those days was the gift from great grandfathers. Science and technology work like a chain reaction. Every act will be the cause for another. Be it war or peace. What ever we are having right now with us is the gift of our previous generations. Each and every comfort or discomfort our grand children enjoy depends upon our actions today.

I am not asking ourselves to amass huge wealth and let your children inherit it and enjoy lavishly. But make same effect on the society in possible way.

Gandhi gave Independence to India. Hitler gave war to Germany. Lenin gave communism to Russia. Mao laid strong economic foundation to China. Nelson Mandela gave freedom to Blacks in South Africa. Bill Gates gave Windows and Steve Jobs gave half bitten Apple. Sonia Gandhi gave Hyderabad to Telangana and chaos to Andhra.Then what will you give to your future generation? Is it pollution or global warming or corruption or diabetes or cancer?

So act accordingly so that our future generations will not curse us. Instead they should discuss among themselves about those days.

And those days will be these days which should be utilized effectively.

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