OK. We will buy it.

How funny ads would be sometimes and how foolishly we believe in them?

Maggi noodles which virtually became a breakfast among Indians throws a good example how a different product marketed in bigger way can do good business? The ongoing episode of Maggi reminded me various products which with their innovative marketing strategies garnered huge customers as well as revenues.

Fair and lovely The biggest joke of the millennium, which was luring young as well as old women to turn their beautiful and gorgeous faces even more fairer. How foolish such a kind of thought is and how innocently we are attracted to it? A fair and lovely girl can clear a job interview.

Mountain Dew. Ok.. if you have a word mountain in your name, you can climb mountains. Drinking the cool Mountain Dew will give that much confidence to scale up and jump from mountains.

Boost is the secret of energy. So now you all got to know the secret. That top level secret has been revealing by our cricketers kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli for the past two decades. So drink it and get energized. If you drink Boost you can hit a six as shown in the ad.

Santoor Soap. If we use Santoor as your toilet soap, even a mother of a child will appear younger to all of us and she will become an ageless beauty. And everybody can throw an exclamation at her, “Mummy!!! I thought she was a college girl”.

Colgate, Number one brand suggested by dentists. And you have salt in it which they think that we don’t have in our homes.

Kinley బొట్టు బొట్టులో నిజాయితీ. Honesty in every drop. Remember the saying honesty is the best policy. So drink Kinley water to gain honesty which we Indians lack. And also I advise Kinley bottles to be supplied in our parliament. Drink Kinley to bring millions of crores of black money. I am very serious.

Nokia Connecting People. which connected people for more than a decade and disconnected itself from people replacing the connection with Microsoft. But the connection was already loosened by Samsung and Apple.

Surf Excel. Stains are good. So wear a white shirt and play in mud. Mother shall not beat you, because stains are good.

I am a Complan Boy and she is a Complan girl. Complan’s special 23 kinds of nutrients make our child grow taller. So. if you want to grow tall, drink Complan.

(Disclaimer: I drank Complan for almost 8 years during my childhood. But I grew only 5.7 ft )

While Complan concentrated only on height, Horlicks arrived late with a brilliant slogan taller, stronger and sharper.

IIN Idea Internet Network IIN is a clever marketing gimmick used by Idea Cellular. IIN ads portray people who learn engineering, algebra, foreign languages and almost everything in the world solely through Idea internet. After few days, social media conversations proved how dumb IIN students are?

The famous from my childhood is  Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma, everybody’s choice is Nirma, Washing powder Nirma.

And the latest one in Tamil Nadu.

Pothys. ஷோப்பின்க்கு கிப்ட்டா இல்லேன  கிப்டுகு  ஷோப்பிங்கா? Pothys is thinking that people here are rich and they will shop everyday for both clothes and gifts.

The most exotic one which has been trolling men all over the world is SET WET – Very Very SEXY.

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