Taming the dinosaurs

It was in 1993, Jurassic Park made us to experience the dinosaurs on the big screen. Steven Speilberg may not have imagined that the movie would go on to inspire visual effects technicians in the coming decades.

I remember as a kid in 1997-1999 when I visited Srinivasa theatre in Hindupur along with school friends and teachers, watching the gaint Tyrannosaurus rex tearing a man into pieces with its fierce teeth. With mouth wide opened and screaming whenever a dinosaur appears on the screen, I wondered where on the hell such a kind of beasts would exist? Such was the impact it created on our tender brains.

I am 22 now staying in Chennai. I have grown from a child to an adult, my mindset as well as my life style has changed, but the enthusiasm and excitement which surrounded my heart when I watched the Steven Speilberg’s magnum opus 16 years ago never faded away from my memories. John Williams score and the theme music during particular breathtaking scenes still keep on playing in my ears.

Photo credit: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth by jayceeloop, CC BY 2.0

Now after 22 years, the dinosaurs which ruled 65 million years ago are back with more teeth and intelligence and few doses of cunningness. Isla Nublar is now renovated into a theme park welcoming visitors into the Jurassic World. Directed by Colin Treverrow and Steven Speilberg as executive producer, the new Jurassic World is a fitting tribute to its first version. Chris Patt is shown taming the Velociraptor which eventually saves him from the jaws of the wicked and powerful Indominus Rex which creates a mayhem all over the park just for sport.

I went back to my childhood when I watched the Jurassic World. As already said, the same excitement and experience never faded away. The whistles and loud applause when the huge gates open into the Jurassic park surprised me. The loud cheers for the Tyrannosaurus rex during the climax in the theatre yesterday was also a surprise pack. Where in India would we get such a round of applause for villains and beasts in the movie. Only movies of this genre would get.

And most interestingly Irrfan Khan is seen as the park’s owner. Indians are gaining recognition in Hollywood. That’s good.

Idly Sambar in Jurassic park.

Watch the trailer of old movie.

Feature image photo credit: vicky8919, CC BY 2.0

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