Today is my ‘Happy’ Birthday.

I was born 22 years ago on this day without any knowledge of the world I am gonna spend all my life time.

Now, today I was stricken with a question with my inner conscience while going through few musings during travelling, my regular and favorite hobby.

Why do people celebrate birthdays?

What is the meaning of their celebration? Is it necessary to get blessings from parents and wishes from friends?

Is it necessary to cut a cake and booze with friends. And why do Indians go to temple and offer money and do archan etc etc… And I still wonder why we wear a new dress?

I came across an article sometime ago which stated that our birthday reminds us every year that we are not gonna live forever.

Life is one of the best things in the Universe. The sense of sight, touch, taste, hear and smell are exemplary things in life. Be it a human or an animal or a bird. Heart which works tirelessly all the time and brain which works only in few occasions for most of us are the most beautiful creations by the Almighty.

We are born to a couple who were unknown to each other when they were born. We didn’t had any destiny then and after a while, the circumstances which we experience in first 20 years in our life show the destiny, but in an ambiguous manner.

Overcoming that ambiguity and finding out that destiny is really an Herculean task which most us fail to accomplish.

All of us have a destined life. Don’t we?

We work hard, we take decisions and risks, we pray, we love, we quarrel, we hate and on one fine day we will die.

All the hard work, decisions, risks, prayers, love, hate and quarrels will come to an end.

Destiny is an individual thing and on the other hand, one most universal thing which is neglected by us is glory. It is in this intangible super feeling, we live even after death.

Only few can live in Glory.

After all, whatever we do in our life is for the sake of a life. It may be ours or someone’s.

Today is my happy birthday and I want to make everyone’s birth fruitful.

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