A visit to Domino’s

Two weeks before, parting away from routine traditional meals and tiffins, my friend suggested me to go to Domino’s on Friday evening.  I never tasted a Domino’s Pizza until then and so I decided to pay a visit to this internationally acclaimed branded Pizzas. We ordered a spicy chicken and a veg regular pizza. We were given a token and were asked to wait.

It was Friday and there was a huge crowd. So, it took more than an hour when finally our pizzas were served (self served). If it was a regular roadside hotel, I would have screamed at the server “ Anna !! mutta dosa order panni  orumanneram aachi. Ulla master enna panraanga ??”. Since it was a high class restaurant for god sake, I did shut all the nine holes of my body and waited desperately with burning hunger reminding myself of the famous quote “ When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.


Finally, hot pizza arrived. I bit the first pie of pizza and looked myself into the mirror which was placed at a strategic location in front of me. That weird expression on my face after tasting it resembled as of those two slum boys in the ending scene of award winning Tamil movie Kaakka Muttai.

But the embarrasment is not yet over. You have to buy a coke or a water bottle. Wow, what a h(w)ealthy combination? This is where I usually get angry. The strategy of doing bussiness should be learnt from corporate Americans. They are masters in burning the pockets.  I am not sure whether they give water if we ask for it but I didn’t find any source of water around the hall. I did observe this situation even in McDonald’s few months back.

Whenever you go into an Indian restaurant, you will be greeted by a server who would place a banana leaf in front of you and put a glass of water. Why don’t these American restaurants while doing business in India stick to the Indian customs? Is it their own style of doing business or is it their keen intention to force their western lifestyle into the Indian societies.

Indians are masters in becoming slaves to aliens. They proved this in 16th century when colonization started and they are repeating it again by making themselves slaves to alien customs.

Now after narrating my frustrating experience, I don’t want Domino’s and McDonald’s to serve pizzas and burgers in banana leaves and serve a combo of sambar – cocunut chutney as a side dish. All I request is to come up with crazy bunch of ideas to create some Indian ambiance as well as to follow Indian style of serving the customers. I mean serve water to them. It would appeal to ancient mindsets and typical south Indians like me.

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