One should buy if one really needs it

I believe in the funny fact toilet is the most peaceful place on the earth for everyone irrespective of their economic status. Unfortunately, that peace and comfort is disturbed now. And at few locations in India we have to shell few coins for it. That peace and comfort is grabbed away by the penetration of aggressive rather disturbing marketing today.

Every business we do in this world today is ultimately for our survival. Modern human being excelled in the art of doing business and in turn their disturbing advertisements with aggressive marketing strategies penetrated deep into our smartphones, newspapers, websites and astonishingly into the toilets.

During my maiden visit to Luxe cinemas at a popular shopping mall in Chennai, when I went to piss off, I was facing a small screen displaying few motion posters of newly released movies. Alas! We are deprived of that momentous peace for that vital one or two minutes.

Today we can witness hundreds of start ups across several sectors blossoming into success stories.  An entrepreneur’s dream is to make his/her company to have a healthy and sustainable growth. And few of such businesses certainly need marketing through advertising. Their products and services should get noticed by the consumer. This is an undeniable truth and advertising is necessary. But when their marketing and advertising strategies exceeds the threshold levels and crosses its contours, it irritates.

Colgate was the popular toothpaste in India. In due course of time, to withstand the competition from local and other international players, and in their quest for innovation, it added a pinch of salt to its tooth paste and sent Bollywood heroines banging into the doors of Indian homes with a cameraman and a mike inquiring us for salt in their toothpaste. And later it added neem, mint, cooling crystals and a variety of herbal products and today Colgate has an enviable assortment of flavors stacked in the stands of supermarkets. By looking at those, you would really get confused which one is good for your teeth.

I want to narrate my embarrassing experience to which I was a victim to this marketing strategy. I live in suburbs of Chennai where a vegetarian restaurant is at least 1 km away. A couple of months ago, a new Curry point was opened nearby which offered free home delivery. We were elated with its service and began ordering authentic Andhra curries which were delivered timely. One fine day, they dropped a bomb on me saying that free home delivery will be given only if the bill exceeds 100rs. Theirs was a startup and offered free delivery initially to stand up on the platform. When their revenue picked up, they showed middle finger to me by not giving free delivery and as a result lost my loyalty.

The online mega show during Diwali season by Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal burnt my patience into ashes. Every morning when I open a newspaper, I need to search for news in it which will be lurking somewhere in the 5th page. My email inbox will be stormed with unnecessary offers daily. What ?? I can’t afford to shop daily and finally proceeded to remove my email ids from them.


On the other day, I found OLA stickers in MTC bus (Metropolitan Transport Corporation of Chennai – A public sector entity). How could MTC allow OLA to advertise in their space? MTC and OLA are in one way or other competitors. They both serve for passengers. This is a surprising irony and a mockery when our preamble says India is a socalist state. I know MTC is struggling for profits. In general, MTC is service oriented while OLA is profit oriented. By allowing OLA to advertise, I think MTC is indirectly advising its passengers to avail OLA services rather than availing its own service.

Daily I can see few people from HDFC, AXIS, ICICI banks standing at the gates of several companies distributing the pamphlets. I pity on them(those distributing the pamphlets not the banks). Out of the 93 commercial banks in India, I noticed only these three banks playing these  kind of disturbing strategies giving the same pamphlet to the same person daily and of course I am afraid this is the reason for them being on top.

As a result of frustration, I request my Indian entrepreneurs and gigantic houses of India Inc, if we are in need, we will buy your products and avail your services. Let us know about you through minimal advertising. Please don’t force us unknowingly to be your customers and satisfy your greed.

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