As you like it.

Have you ever lived your life as you liked? Are there any sacrifices you made worth mentioning in your career?  Did you feel happy when you let go off your likes and interests to make others happy.

Living our life as we like is immensely difficult in Indian orthodox societies. Choosing careers, jobs and life partners has to be completely in our control but in fact our well wishers would be out of control if we live as we like.

Indians are quite famous for their herd mentality. They don’t even take the chance to analyse the pros and cons of a decision which they take. They simply decide because somebody has done that. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Family. In most of the Indian homes, parents have some kind of unnecessary and impractical comparisons and expectations on their children. To fulfill those, children will have to sacrifice their likes and act according to their family interests. Its one of the unfathomable beauty in Indian families.
  2. Neighbours and Relatives. They are the most desperate people you see on the earth. Sometimes to shut their mouths we have to take few daring steps which are uncomfortable.

Living our life in a different way as we like is beautiful and sometimes more exciting whereas living for others is………… Hmmmm.  our fate… We have to act.

That’s why, Shakespeare told All the World’s a Stage.

to be continued

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