Corporate invasion of Indian Markets

Wow.. India.. The developing country with 120+crore population. The youngest country. The future of this beautiful country will be crafted by its energetic youth. The scope for reaping huge profits here is evident by the enthusiasm and rising income levels of its ever-growing population.

The above facts are tempting the multinational corporations to look at India.

Amazon came two years ago. Many business pundits forecasted that it would be difficult for Amazon to penetrate into the Indian market which was already acquainted well with Flipkart, eBay, Shoppers stop. But Amazon went on aggressively to make its stand strong and created a competitive atmosphere in the Indian e- commerce successfully and contained the exponential growth of already established players.

In fact, the reason for Amazon’s explosive growth in Indian e commerce space can be attributed to the fact that it had immense experience on the first hand in America and also possessed required capital to throw in here. It wanted the next big thing, the golden goose i.e India and successfully got it.

Netflix came to India. Though its entry was said to be late, it should be a caution to satellite players here. Since it is new here, its potential is yet to be calculated.

Facebook’s Free basics was a philanthropic venture all over the world. but Facebook’s desperate attempts to bring it into India while facing resistance indicates that Facebook will not let go India free without tapping its large internet users base.

With Digital India slogans going all over the internet, our government is more inclined to give a red carpet welcome to international behemoths to invest in India.

India is not the only country which is a golden goose for these revenue hungry corporations. Besides India, its neighbor China is a fat golden goose luring them. But the problem with China is all those corporate giants can’t dance before the Communist government there. (It may look like a goose in terms of consumers, but in reality it is a dragon whose breath of fire is pumped by Communists.) Only because of government’s control over international players in every aspect there, China witnessed successful stories of Xiaomi, Alibaba, Tencent etc..

Wait… By giving examples of Alibaba and Xiaomi, I am not suggesting Flipkart, Hike messenger or some other Indian tech startups to be given priority. I will never. The ideology of Indian tech startups is filled with greed and selfish. After all, they are doing business and not service. From e commerce to travel, they are emulating the model of their Western counterparts across all the segments.

What the hell happened to public sector enterprises and public sector business units in India. Last week, HMT watches, once a prestigious brand, announced its demise and is going to pull the shutters down. Few other PSUs like MTNL, Air India are going sick.

In the name of free trade and economy, PSUs are facing a stiff competition from multinational corporations. Instead of improving their growth better with new strategies, our companies are rising their hands up into the air and succumbing to the threats posed by them.

Its time to revive the PSUs and government should play an important role to strengthen them and play the right cards at right time.

Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm etc., are creating mayhem online. Now, why shouldn’t the government enter into e commerce through department of Posts as its logistic partner??  It should give a thought about it.

Image by David Blackwell, CC BY ND 2.0

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