When the crown was denied

I am writing this watching Leonardo Di Caprio in Blood diamond and at the same time a newspaper is lying before me reading about Novak Djokovic’s triumph against mighty Roger Federer in Australian’s open semifinal the previous day.

Leonardo Dicaprio, the pastor boy of romance, and the Romeo in the dreams of girls during the advent of the new millennium has come a long way by giving terrific performances all these years. A fine actor, who was denied an Academy award on multiple occasions, is famous for his heartrending performance in Blood Diamond, desperate grunts for survival in The Revenant and fatal love in The Great Gatsby.

Catch me if you can, Shutter Island, Inception, Django Unchained and The Wolf of Wall Street showed his extraordinary prowess. However, Billy Costigan as an undercover cop infiltrated into the notorious gang in The Departed is my favourite.

When I was aware of the Academy nominations this year, my choice was for Leo. I feel he deserves it for The Revenant. I don’t know if he is hungry for an Oscar, but his fans really are. He needs to be recognized.

Why was he denied the Best Actor Award all these years? Were there other actors who outperformed him? Was it luck which didn’t choose him or anything big is waiting for him? Time will answer and we shall wish him GOOD LUCK.


Roger Federer @BNP Paribas 2012 Open by Mike McCun, CC by 2.0

Roger Federer, who has reached great heights already during his prolific career in Tennis, is stumbling down in the recent times against Novak Djokovic who was grabbing Grand slam away from him for the past three years. Their encounters always promise us an extravagant game. Both of them are the dangerous opponents to each other and their rivalry in the game will be cherished forever. I yearn for such encounters and Roger’s perception of such defeats is really inspiring to watch.

The careers of Roger Federer and Leonardo Di Caprio are epitome of perseverance. Both of them love what they do.  Leonardo, who is yet to be given the crown is trying harder and Roger, who was already crowned is still trying harder to decorate it with more jewels. There is a lot to learn from them.

Feature image by Danny Harrison, CC by 2.0

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