Merasalayitten Chapter 4 – A tearful departure for a commercial future

Blissful introductions, timeless conversations, frantic quarrels and tearful departures are phenomenal in modern love stories.

By witnessing five different events around me recently and on the occasion of Valentine’s day, which for me is another casual Sunday, I don’t have any medium to express myself other than this about the tearful and heartbreaking departures happening around us today.

Staying together with our love forever may or may not happen in Indian complex societies. Its outdated caste leaning family traditions will always pose a threat to peaceful co existence of love birds.

A significant reason for this phenomenon is the worry about family’s pride and respect among society.This is clearly portrayed in Indian movies, where parents would say a strict no to their child’s love. A melodrama continues later in the movie and the couple would get married finally.But in realty, the conclusion is quite contrary.Another reason is because of the existence of several people who frown at our depressed faces with their disgusting mentalities when you attain the age to marry.

The flawed system of marriage

Jane Austen’s cult novels Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility which I adore much clearly portray the financial aspect of the marriage. Economic and financial status is major point of discussion during marriage proposals. To witness how dumb Indians are, I opened the matrimonial page in a newspaper and found this one.

Office Lens_20160214_083441_processed

What is necessary exactly for a couple to lead a happy life?? A car, own house and a six digit salary? I can bet that 90%of the couples with the above things are not content with what they possess. A person with the so called appreciable six digit salary would definitely look to increment it further. He leads such a kind of life style and he would have other difficulties in some other form. On the other hand, a middle class family can also survive happily with what they have.

A rich couple may travel by a car and a middle class couple would take a bus. But their destination remains same. If the destination remains same, then why the hell should we bother about the means of transport. I wonder why such kind of tangible things are occupying the prority list while seeking for a bridegroom. Why not the child’s preference and love?

The reason for this is money, money and money. The fear of money. People around you will respect you only if you have money. Wealth brings us respect and preferential treatment.

Few minds will opine that wealth brings us happiness. Well, I don’t think so..

There are three scenarios which are quite common today in the institution of marriage.

Scenario 1: A girl (who never fell in love with anyone) would always prefer to marry a boy who has more shit of money and parents as well are ready to get her married to a well settled boy and ensure that her daughter is in safe hands.
Scenario 2: A boy (who never fell in love with anyone) would always struggle to get settled well and will look forward for a better marriage proposal.
Scenario 3: Bearing all the melodrama and emotional blackmailing, few young people suppress their feelings and sacrifice their love to see their parents happy. What a wonderful sacrifice it is ? Sacrificing your love for your parents? Wow!!!!!!!!

In the last scenario, I observed that parents will become more dearer which is well and good for both. And other major scenario which is a nightmare to parents is couples running away or persuading them to agree for their marriage.

Well, to be honest I see myself in the second scenario.

Feature image by Jeff Belmonte from Cuiabá, BrazilFlickr, CC BY 2.0

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