When the nature was blurred

Looking at the world through a pair of lens is not as good as you look with a naked eye.

I have been wearing spectacles since 2009. They sit majestically on my nose all the time and when ever I look my self in a mirror they heckle at me for allowing it to decorate my face. Infact, they don’t decorate my face at all but instead, they alter my appearence which I never yearned for.

Even though I dislike wearing spectacles, it always accompanied me wherever I went. I have seen beautiful places, watched several movies, met different kind of people for six wonderful years. All these things happened through a pair of silicon material standing before my eyes. I never realized the importance of them and neither did I notice the strong attachment I had with them all these years until ten days ago, when I lost them to the nature.

Two weeks ago, I was playing with my friends at a beach near my home and during one petty fight, I dropped my pretty glasses into the water and a wave took them away into the sea. I frantically searched and waited for it’s arrival to the shore but in vain. I lost my precious jewel which decorated my face and which used to be an extra body part as well.

The world which appeared beautifully untill then started to blur. I can notice people around me but I couldn’t recognize them. As an addition to the wound, I left my spare pair of glasses at my home town which made myself to bang my head to the wall. As it was a weekend, there was not a single optical shop opened and Lenskart frustrated me with their long delivery periods.

My problems with the world started from the next day. At bus stop, I could see the bus approaching towards me but I can’t read the damn name and number on it. Anyhow, I blindly followed few regular acquainted commuters and reached the office safely. And at office, I had to bury my face inside the monitor. I could not recognize any face unless they stood before me. I had to stare at few people to say hi to them. But the next task in front of me late in the evening was to search for the cab number which I was supposed to board to reach home. This task literally killed me.

Finally, after four days, I recieved a call from optical shop which said that my new pair of glasses were ready. It was a great solace to my mind and a happiest news to my struggling eyes.

Somehow, I managed those dramatic four days successfully without any accident (Yes! I mean it ).

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