Merasalaayitten Chapter 5 – Never would it be her

Never had I thought that a beautiful woman would meet me.
Never had I thought that she would love me.
Beautiful were the moments between us
And dreams of our future were vivacious
Regrets and mistakes blossomed our love
And made it stronger I don’t know how

The society’s orthodox mind was crowned
Together and strong were we when the society frowned
The love between us was spectacular
When she left me for no reason particular

Parental vanity for respect has torn us apart
Succumbed was our love and we had to depart
Shattered were our hopes which were glossy
And never was my life in beauty

For the farewell, she gave no strong reason
But never did I contemplate it as a treason
A woman’s mind is a multi-linguistic thesaurus
Mastering it would surely make us prosperous

Life after a heart break
Would never be a walk on a piece of a cake
That moment when memories strike back
The entire world before me goes black

I may find a better girl than her
But never at least in my dreams would it be her

–Triggered by true events around me and inspired from Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ from her studio album 21

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