Destiny and the journey

I recently watched Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum, a remake of a Korean film. This film brought a smile on my face along with the two lead characters in the final scene.

When destiny takes you to the places you had never dreamt of, then yours must be either an extraordinary or an embarassing journey.

In Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum, we have a wannabe rowdy whose fate will always slap him in utterly hilarious fashion and an IT ‘un’employee whose career is hanging over a cliff.  These two characters share an amusing friendship between them and would part their ways under unusual circumstances only to meet again in future. Whether their relationship proceeds to the next stage is left to our unbounded imagination.

In this slow paced but beautiful movie, Kadhir( Vijay Sethupathi) realizes finally that rowdism does not suit him and opening a bar on his own seems to be impossible. So, he ends up in Petrol Station whereas Yazhini (Madonna Sebastian) finally gets a decent job after facing few embarassing interviews.

After watching the movie I was analysing what would have happened to Yazhini’s career if she had not met Kadhir. Yazhini reached greater heights and Kadhir found a decent life, but it was not the destiny they wanted earlier. In the midst, a beautiful relationship (not exactly love) blossomed between these two souls and sacrifices were made from one side.

We would definitely have come across such kind of strange characters whose friendship had a significant impact on our life. Destiny is not the thing that defines us but the journey which we embark upon and the characters whom we meet during this time will shape us. Everything happens for a reason. For every person we meet in life, there should be a reason unknown to us. Wonderful friends, strange but lovable acquaintances, enemies and one magnificent personifying life partner. Enough!!!!

Image by Squelle (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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