An Addictive Attraction

Kabali da. Neruppu daa !!!!!

Rajinikanth has a tremendous fan following which has been witnessed recently when south India was Kabalified. On the other hand, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans proved to be the most emotional lovers of football this month when Portugal and Argentina fared well on different occasions.

And what about the fans of Michael Jackson who used to scream during his electrifying performances.

If the above mentioned ‘stars’ were highly successful in their careers, what about their grand legion of fans and their everlasting fandom.

My friend spent three sleepless nights desperately looking for tickets online to catch the First day First Show (FDFS) of Kabali in Chennai. But all his attempts were thwarted by corporate bulk bookings, cunning strategies of multiplex owners and hopeless servers. Very pity.

Is this necessary? Chennai was anxious to grab the Friday tickets for Kabali at its sprawling budget theaters and multiplexes. But the same anxiety was missing on May 16th when only little more than 60% voted in Assembly elections. What could have been the reason for difference in anxieties?

When Rajinikanth tossed a coin horizontally in Shivaji, it became a style. After Vijay said ‘I am waiting’ twice, people started saying the same. The way Mahesh Babu cleared his plugged nose in Pokiri made people practicing the same as if they are suffering from incurable Nasal infection. When Pawan Kalyan moved his hand towards the back of his neck, few people wondered whether it was itching there to him.

Why this nonsense? I still don’t understand what made people go mad for their favorite stars. I don’t have any particular reason to justify my fandom to Rajinikanth and Mahesh. I don’t understand why I yearn so much to watch FDFS of their movies. This kind of Mass following always wondered me. But this question occurred to me quite a lot of times. Is it really worth?

I agree that it is love for their favorite star. Whatever kind of love it may be, it can happen anytime and in anyway. But mad love…, leaves a question mark. This looks like an addiction, a drug addiction in particular, unable to control yourself and falling prey to that astonishing madness.

When we look into the depth of a relation between a fan and his/her star, it looks so deep, but we overlook the fact that, into the valley of such a depth there is no light except darkness. One will be at the top basking in the bright light and the other remains at the bottom stumbling over in darkness.


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