An affair with technology

Lusty affair with technology

I had many arguments with my friends ever since I bought a smart phone and I am being ridiculed every day for the choice I made. It did occur to me several times during everlasting thought process whether I made a wrong decision in buying a Windows phone completely aware of the fact that Windows mobile OS is not as popular as Android and iOS.

Why would this world look at me weirdly for using an unpopular OS. Shouldn’t I use one?

Technology is driving the human life today. It enslaved us and we submitted ourselves to it. When 95 % of the smart world is enslaved to Google and Apple, I chose Microsoft to be my master. Its elegant, pretty and colorful live tiles attracted me and our love affair has been so beautiful till now. We fought against all the jealous enemies who intensely tried to break the romantic relation between us.

Sometimes, this reminded me of a critically acclaimed movie ‘Her’ in which the protagonist falls in love with the OS of his computer with Artificial Intelligence and ignores the real human relations around him. I wondered many times why I am endorsing windows OS. Do I really like it or is it the dislike and hatred towards the entire world’s obsession with the other two giants.

Everyone in this world wants to be unique in one way or other. While shopping, if our friend buys a shirt we won’t buy the same but will try a different one. In similar context, while the entire generation was going behind two sheep from California, I went after a donkey from Redmond, Washington. In this world of herd mentality, I suggested few people close to me to try a different one, but instead they laughed at me.

Nevertheless the inspirational stories of Google and Apple, my first impression when I read the term iPod, iPhone, iPad, iOS is what the hell was ‘i’ ? Did it mean Intelligent or Internet ? Why was ‘i’ in lowercase in iPhone? Did Steve Jobs commit an error while writing the word?

We could see the phenomenal rise in popularity of Pokemon Go and Prisma in a month. Along with them, trolls and memes gained popularity in social media which made fun of Windows phone users ridiculing the fact that these two applications till then were not available on Windows store.

Not only peace, smartphones are taking the smartness out of our self-proclaimed brilliant minds.

Last week it was Friendship day, and my Whatsapp inbox was bombarded with Happy friendship day messages and it made me think how these friends might have said the same old sentence ‘Happy friendship day!!’  ten years ago. There were greeting cards and colourful letters few years ago but now emails and messengers arrived only to vibrate my thighs.

This impressive turn over from hard copy to soft copy boasting the slogans ‘Save trees’ is weird. If we feel content that we have saved trees by ditching papers, then by using phones and computers we are generating tons of e waste. A tree will grow again but how could we dispose and recycle the e waste. We have a recycle bin in Windows to delete the unwanted files permanently but we have not come across any methodology till now to completely recycle the e waste.

This unsolicited affair with technology continues and crosses the boundaries in future only to enslave ourselves to it. We might have other options but escaping from its clutches is rather a tedious task.

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