This is not an occasion to celebrate dear!!

Last night, Indian army conducted surgical strikes and destroyed few terror launch pads across LOC in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh announced this news in a statement given to media today morning in a hurriedly conducted press conference. I read this news at 11AM and left for office and when I returned to home, I was surprised to see the Facebook and Twitter being bombarded with congratulatory and celebratory messages hailing the power of India and the prowess of Indian army.

 Oh my God!!! Do these social media enthusiasts know what will happen next??  

 Our country cannot afford a war. To quote in a broader sense, no other country in the world can go to war without calculating the consequences. Wars are not like those which were fought few decades ago. With the kind of ammunition a country possesses now, there is a possibility to wipe out lakhs of people within a day.  

 Dear Indians, please!!! Last night’s act was not a reason to celebrate. Instead we should be more cautious in this regard. This is not a WWE show or a 20-20 cricket match. 

 In the wake of recent violations across the border, India was successful in cornering and isolating Pakistan diplomatically. It was clearly evident in recently concluded UNSC meetings and our eventual decision to boycott SAARC summit which was to be held in Islamabad in the coming weeks. 

We are millions of miles ahead of Pakistan in several categories. Going to war with such a country is not suggested. Remember this!!! Not only us, Pakistan is also one among few countries which is having the state of art nuclear weapons. A war between two nuclear nations is what we should consider as a doomsday. 

Last night’s attack made the Bombay stock exchange to drain 500 points in the morning and our Rupee also suffered miserably today. Imagine what would happen to Indian economy if a war broke out.. War is not necessary for us where there are still millions of unemployed searching for jobs. Inflation is beating the poor harshly never like before.

I want our government to squeeze the shit out of Pakistan by cornering it and caging it diplomatically. Pin point them on international stages. Impose all the possible sanctions against them. Close the financial doors for it. Reach out to China, Iran and Russia who are actively collaborating with the enemy state militarily and economically.. Don’t mix our blood into the Indus, instead close its shutters completely. Our government has already started its steps in this direction, but still a lot more has to be done in this context. 

I appreciate our Army for what they have done but I don’t want to congratulate them and I don’t want to celebrate their act. What Army done was right last night but it should not be celebrated. It did it to thwart the attempts of enemy to infiltrate our boarders. It’s just a beginning. This surgical strike may be an embarrassment to Pakistan on international stage but internally we might have intimidated them and enraged them. We don’t know what shit is flowing now in the minds of Pakistan Army and its terror outfits. 

Please…This is not a joyful moment to celebrate. They may go rouge.

Surgical strike does not mean war – Surgical strikes are military operations undertaken by forces across the world to move on the offensive, hit enemy targets and installations, and return to primary positions, all with lightening speed and with the added precaution of suffering limited casualty. Surgical strikes require not just detailed and exhaustive planning but need to be carried out with absolute precision to achieve the objective of taking down targets  – Economic Times

Feature image by DVIDSHUB, CC by 2.0

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