What is good for me may not be good for others. I was sitting in a movie theatre watching La La Land, a musical story which I waited eagerly to watch. But to my disappointment, it didn’t impress my friends as it did to me. The perspective of their thought, expectation and reception of such genre differed with mine. So rather than turning out to be a romantic journey that evening ended in a laughter ride with jokes and puns being thrown at me.

Fidel Castro’s demise saw the entire world leaders pouring in heartfelt condolences, but never mind president elect Mr.Trump stamped him as a ruthless dictator. The audacious perspective of Mr.Trump always made headlines and of course an American’s perception as a charismatic intellect of his cheeky perspective is about to land him in the white house. Angela Merkel’s humanitarian perception of immigrant crisis is beginning to show its setbacks with uncertain clouds hovering over her political career. Her perspective wasn’t welcomed by many and still she bravely went forward in welcoming them and also forced her neighbors to do so in carefully calculated proportions.

Edward Snowden’s perspective of privacy and equal rights for all made him the most wanted fugitive by the CIA. From then on, Privacy is being fiercely debated against national security and no proper conclusion has derived yet regarding the moral and safety benefits of this mass scale surveillance on public.

Prime minister’s Narendra Modi’s perspective of cashless economy is still misunderstood and that perspective lacked universal outlook. Briefly, Prime Minister’s perspective has gravely misjudged the Indian perspective. India’s experiment in demonetization still needs to be watched out to examine its alleged success.

A different perspective of world leaders made such an impact on the political and social psychology of the world. Diversity of perspectives will impact the world in incredible ways.

Our thoughts will develop in our minds based upon the atmosphere around us. Friends, teachers, relatives and parents have a great deal of influence on our thought process. Our perspective of life should and will never be equal with others but that perspective has to be positive and only then will it look beautiful. Our perception of things and the perspective in which we deal with them is all matters finally and that beauty is going to make difference. It needs a lot of courage to be yourself and to act like yourself. To gain that courage and to sustain it forever, to stand upon yourself and to go ahead yourself, you need a lot of support. Support in the form of love. From parents and friends. May that love be with us forever.

Wishing you all to have a confident perspective in the coming days, Happy New Year.

Feature Image by Sadie Hernandez, CC by 2.0

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