A love letter to La La Land

Dear La La Land,

You are not just a movie. You are a visually breathtaking colourful spectacle in which your beautiful choreographed sequences with foot tapping music mesmerized us.

A sweet couple with struggling careers fell in love with each other after impressed by the commitment for their respective passion in art. When their passion to pursue their interests alters the destiny of love, it was heart rending to see both of them respect each other’s passion and change their priorities accordingly. Those final moments really made us feel to have a passion for anything and a longing to have a loveable partner.

That remarkable gentle smile on the faces of Sebastian and Mia at the end of your spectacular offering reveals the sense of acknowledgement and respect they had for each other’s decisions and success. Around an year ago, I have watched a similar ending in another impressive Tamil movie Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum and both of you really pierced my heart. The power of such a smile in our life at inevitable situations has a lot of emotions and messages. There can’t be another kind of expression from broken hearts other than this kind of gentle smile.

The significance given to minute details in this film inspires us. Colour, music, choreography, story, screenplay and an intelligent camera being an invisible third protagonist makes you as the most beautiful movie presented to the millennials.

I watched you in December and again watched you today coincidentally greeting the Valentines in the coming few days. You have disturbed me a lot.

You will remain in my heart for long time. Not because of Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and passionate Damien Chazelle but because of the new feelings you triggered in our hearts for the never dying love of art.

If you win an Oscar I will throw the same gentle smile given by Sebastain celebrating your impressive achievement. If you are screened anywhere I will watch you. If you are played anytime I will listen to you and by the Divine’s grace, if you are personified I will hug you to swoon in your beautiful arms.

With lots of love,                                                                                                                                                 Sabari Ganesh.

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