When are you coming Papa??

What to do and what not to do?

In this blissful city of ambiguity

Where to go and where not to go

Depends on the level of your serenity.


Searching for the truth is this poor soul

On the dirty beaches of Covelong

Confusion and depression made his mind foul

To loose himself in the inglorious past for so long.


Whatever may happen, he doesn’t care

Until he finds out who tried to be there

When it was needed and pleaded.

But never came an occasion when he was greeted.


Lingering are the faces in his mind

Of his young daughter and his wife

With no clue about why society was blind

Is this poor soul ready to sacrifice his life.


Facing towards the giant waves of the ocean

Is the man lost to the merciless majority

And teared apart by the cruelty of the nation

Stands this man betrayed by the society.


Afraid of the failures and fears

Stepped this man towards the waves of water

Sensing the cold sand and dropping his tears

Is this poor soul ready for the slaughter.


The first wave so gently touched his feet

And splashed the lather past his shadow

But never his heart thought of retreat

Even though his wife may become a widow.


Then rang his mobile phone all of a sudden

His trembling fingers went into pocket

And heard the beautiful words untill hidden

Which said ‘When are u coming home Papa ?’

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