Passion- Boon or Curse??

As 2017 is nearing its end, one last write up wrap !! 

What’s passion?? 

Passion – Every now and then, you may come across some eloquent, elite people in your life, who chase some activities such as backpacking, biking, hiking, running,sports etc., like the last bus for the night., giving in what ever it takes. And you wish what if I have choose to follow my passion like they did. 

Passion– It’s a meticulous and mysterious thing which pumps your heart like a kid who first tasted the ice cream in an Ice cream shop. You get nothing out of it except pure happiness, freedom and a feeling you can’t express in words. It’s the thing that you are excited to do without lack of enthusiasm, every now and then after office hours and also in your free time. 

The world always impose questions on you like “What if you fail? It’s not a career to pursue and what not?” These people who trigger such insecurities, disbelief and doubts are those who fall under the 95% category. They had let their fears and doubts sunk in their mind which eventually made them to retreat or quit doing what they loved at the first point of resistance or a setback. 

Fortunately, there are other 5% who chase their passion with the mindset of “Whatever it takes” and quite a few people fall under this category including me.  

This 5% category will be belittled by the rest 95% category in day to day life. 

For these 5% people, every single day in the past few decades has been a constant reminder of the fact that we live in a world where trust is betrayed and souls are slaughtered without any remorse or regret. 

Ostracizing this rare 5% breed from society owing to failure of coping up with decorum of what society deem necessary to fit in is not commendable.  

Do you have a passion??  

Are you frightened by this society’s judgemental behaviour and negative criticism, what if’s and etc., ?? 

Don’t let your passion drown amidst the noise of the society. Life is to be lived in present moment instead of dwelling in the past or scared of the future. After all, it’s one life! 

Fret not. 

Chase your passion and live happily. 


Murugan Chinnaswamy – Motor cyclist, Adventurer and Nature lover

Murugan seeks long bike rides in free time to explore the unexplored and is a sensible lover of Chicken Biriyani.


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