My best movies of 2017

Its been three weeks since we entered 2018. Many vlogs, blogs and articles about top films of 2017 were there, but still even though late, I am giving my best films of 2017.. The list is in the order of their release dates and don’t mistake the order as my ranking.

The Ghazi Attack(Telugu): A submarine thriller and first of its kind in Indian cinema. A fictional portrayal of what happened to Pakistani submarine Ghazi in Bay of Bengal is so patriotic and motivating.

Kuttram 23 (Tamil): A sharp investigative thriller about the perils of medical advancements. The importance a woman gives for her chastity and marriage is indirectly portrayed through the concept of Artificial insemination which goes offtrack.

Maanagaram (Tamil) : A city in which gives us many things including joy, hapinesss and tragedies. This movie showed all of them in a bit complex and emotional story.

Baahubali 2 (Telugu) : As most of the readers know about this magnum opus, I don’t want to talk much about it. But I want to point out how powerful the characters of Devasena and Rajamatha Sivagami were in this period movie. No movie has portrayed women so powerful as Baahubali did in recent times. Please underline the fact this is also the same movie which gave a loose character called Avanthika which didn’t go well with feminists.

Wonder Woman (English) : First women super hero(ine) movie and that too directed by a woman who carefully gave the best crafted movie. Gal Gadot nailed it.

Dunkirk (English): Christopher Nolan will have something new in his mind that will make our mind go off. I have watched many modern war movies, but this one stands out among all of them. I watched the last three movies of Nolan(Dark Knight series, Interstellar, Dunkirk) in IMAX without giving a thought to burn my pockets because Nolan is the director who gives his movies with IMAX versions without 3D. I strongly believe that the essence of watching on the gigantic screen is redefined and magnified in IMAX but is diluted and drained when we put on 3D glasses.

My thoughts on Dunkirk

Vikram Vedha (Tamil): Spectacular and marvellous movie which made my day when I watched it. The moral duel between rugged Madhavan and everlasting Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi with equally important other roles including heroines will make this movie a text book for script writing in future.

Lipstick under my Burkha (Hindi): A bold movie which struggled to come to theaters. I took my friends (women) to watch this movie and the result was amazing with honest discussions and debates. Alankrita Srivastava deserves a pat on her back for her guts.

IT (English) : A movie with complete child cast is equally horrifying and entertaining. Unity is strength and friends are forever.

Solo (Malayalam): An anthology of four stories with deep spiritual context inspired from Lord Shiva and the basic elements of nature (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Sky). This is not for a regular movie goer who seek entertainment or thrill but there is more in this beautifully crafted movie which needs a lot of spirituality to understand which unfortunately I don’t posess.

Mersal (Tamil) : Except for the song Aazhaporaan Tamizhan… this movie is entire crap. A mixture of old Indian movie storylines. But still I want to acknowledge this film for giving such a anthem kind of song.. AR Rahman was at his best. Subnationalism in Mersal

Meyyadha Maan (Tamil): A healthy entertainer with good humour and a lovely story. I liked this movie for two reasons. One being the only movie with a dedicated song for brother and sister who dance energetically for folk music. Second reason because I watched this with my gang of friends on a rainy day sitting in the front row with 10 rupees ticket in a swanky multiplex called Luxe.

Aruvi (Tamil) : The best of the better movies which were carefully picked from a lot of very few good movies in recent years. No words other than this. A gem of Indian cinema. Honest review of Aruvi

Other notable good movies are Nenu Local and PSV Garudavega in Telugu, Raees in Hindi, Kavan, Pa.Pandi, Thupparivaalan, Theeran Adigaram Ondru, Richie, Velaikkaran in Tamil, Murder on the Orient express, Coco and The greatest showman in English.

Disappointed movies are Bhairava, Kaatru Veliyaidai (Why Maniratnam why??), The Mummy, Vivegam and Spyder.

Movies which I regret watching and demand my money back are Fast and Furious 8, Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adingadhavan and Harhara Mahadevaki.

There are many other good movies which I didn’t watch and so they are not mentioned above. Please comment below if you know any other good movies of 2017.

All the images in the top featured image are the movie theatrical release posters taken from wikimedia commons and belived to be owned by the production or distributor companies of respective movies. The author of this post is soley using them for critical commentary of those movies and not for any commercial purpose.

2 responses to “My best movies of 2017”

  1. You missed 8 THOTAKKAL. An amazing and must watch movie


  2. Kurangu Bommai enga pa???


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