If not today might be tomorrow

Destiny takes us to unexpected places and makes us meet strangers who eventually become friends and partners. The saying Everything happens for a reason is so powerful and valid but many of us often ignore that not everything that happens is planned and wanted by us and not everything that happens to us is bad either.

Whoever believes that their predicaments are the result of their luck going haywire, feel more difficult to accept the fate and move on further. But, enduring the hard blows and marching ahead defines the character of the brave.

All the castles of hope would be destroyed and fruits of hard work would spoil in a flash of a second with no mistake of us, much like the butterfly effect. We cannot do much to seek revenge or justice and even if we are capable of extracting the same, it would serve nothing and no one is going to benefit from it. Then we try hard to seek solace through the apologetic and innocent smiles flashing involuntarily from our heart.

The army of loved ones and well-wishers try to comfort us, but cannot really feel the pain in our heart. We try to smile at them to ensure that we are good and happy, but they know about our pain and can understand it if cannot feel it. Love has no bounds and is the most beautiful feeling on this earth which is best expressed without words.

If not today, might be tomorrow. But what is entitled to us will be ours, in spite of all the shit that happens with or without reason.

Motivation, Encouragement and Support might not be necessary and helpful all the time, even if it is available in plenty, but what should be in the possession of our armoury to drive us forward? The strength and the strategy to come out of the corners and stand tall in the middle of everywhere to witness the dawn of our future.

Image by Chris and Karen Highland

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